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  1. eclairemom

    Urine sludge and Stasis

    She just passed away Binky free sweet girl :(
  2. eclairemom

    Urine sludge and Stasis

    Last night she still wouldn't swallow food but water and meds seem to be getting down. She still was holding food in her mouth an hour after last attempt when I gave her meds. now I have buprenorphine injections so she will feel well enough to eat or not suffering if she doesn't. I'm thinking...
  3. eclairemom

    Urine sludge and Stasis

    Vet was off today, she called to check on Pixie I wasn't home she said she would call back. I got some pumpkin and depite her trying to hold it in her mouth I think I got some down. I rubbed her belly after and herd some tummy gurgles. She had hardly moved for two days and this evening I...
  4. eclairemom

    Urine sludge and Stasis

    She is on metacam and baytril lucky she will take those. I tried putting some of the cilantro springmix and blueberry slurry on a dish and no interest. I was able to get he to swallow a small amount by trying to open her mouth she would get mad and swallow or push it out. I've tried variety of...
  5. eclairemom

    Urine sludge and Stasis

    my bunny Pixie is very sick she stopped eating and drinking Tuesday. Yesterday she was passing blood. she went to vet yesterday and has bladder sludge the irrigated her bladder, gave her sub q fluids and pain medicine. I have been trying to force feed her food and water but she holds the food...
  6. eclairemom

    Help! Diagnose this young rabbit

    So sorry for your loss. He isn't in pain anymore and running and jumping with his mate and son. :rabbithop
  7. eclairemom

    Help! Diagnose this young rabbit

    I just sent a donation to the new address. Thank you for taking such good care of these bunnies. Hope the dad is able to recover and find a forever home.
  8. eclairemom

    Help! Diagnose this young rabbit

    It breaks my heart to see the poor boy like that. Good thing you have a vet willing to work with you without actually seeing him. Hope he gets better.
  9. eclairemom

    Sore Hocks

    She has tile in her cage, flipped over for traction on the upper levels. Now everything is covered in a couple layers of fleece. She's a ND for her feet are tiny, I guess she had gotten a bit pudgy recently. I was lucky to even get any ointment on her at all she won't allow being flipped...
  10. eclairemom

    Sore Hocks

    I'm feeling like a horrid bunny mommy. Pixie has sore tootsies and hocks. She hadn't been moving around much and wasn't using her litter box like she should. I was looking at her and her toes looked funny like her nails were really long but she didn't have any hair on them. Picked her up and...
  11. eclairemom

    I need help in the virginia area..

    We live between Charlottesville and Richmond
  12. eclairemom

    How did my bunny die? :(

    So sorry for your loss :rip:
  13. eclairemom

    Door fasteners on DIY condo?

    I use a small bungee cord on the rabbit's cage that won't try to escape. On the other cage I use dog leash clips you can get both at a hardware store
  14. eclairemom


    He :inlove: you. Hopefully he will keep to the ankles. My boy Scamper would get my daughter right in the face as she was getting ready to head out to school.
  15. eclairemom

    Help! Diagnose this young rabbit

    :imsorry: so sad for your loss, I too have followed your story. Take comfort in the fact that you made a huge difference in Lucky Stars life over the last few months and he was able to be happy.
  16. eclairemom

    Would you please comment on my craigslist "Easter bunny ad"?

    Posting to my FB. The best best thing those people ever did for poor Muppet was leaving her on your doorstep, it would have been better if they would have handed her to you but they didn't deserve her.
  17. eclairemom

    I think I officially have 4 rabbits...

    Oh look at that adorable face. You accomplished A you found him a forever home :wiggle
  18. eclairemom

    Rabbit had violent attack before death

    :cry4: so sorry for your loss
  19. eclairemom

    RIP Pepper

    So sorry for your loss :pink iris:
  20. eclairemom

    What kind of interactions does your rabbit(s) want from you?

    Scamper...loves cheek rubs and head rubs and being hand fed treats. Pixie......pretty much nothing.