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  1. bunbun.o_c

    Rabbit bonding behaviour

    Oh thank you for your advice! Also since you said that one of your bunny is aggressive,did the other bunny got an injury during the whole bonding process?Is your rabbit a female or male? I don't think I can start the bonding yet tho because one of my bunny's hormone didn't dissipate yet,,,which...
  2. bunbun.o_c

    Rabbit bonding behaviour

    It doesn't seem like my other rabbit is submitting to him tho :/ how long does it normally take to bond rabbits? I tried to bond them... firstly the other rabbit was nipping the bowing rabbit one hehe and after that they started chasing and fighting each other :( should I try the stress bonding...
  3. bunbun.o_c

    Rabbit bonding behaviour

    Okay so today my bunny was roaming and he found my other bun (p.s it's been a week since I've been bonding them) and one of my bunny was bowing his head? And I don't really understand,,what does this mean? And as you can see,one of my rabbit are outside of the cage and one inside of it...what...
  4. bunbun.o_c

    Rabbit bonding

    Okay this is kinda random but due to the fact that I've done lots of research on this topic there doesn't seem to have any answers,,, okay so basically if your bonding two rabbits and one of the rabbits are wounded,is it normal for the other rabbit to lick that specific wound?(it's like a...
  5. bunbun.o_c

    Rabbit trio?

    also do I off or leave on the light at night when my rabbits sleep? I heard that rabbit can see in the dark that is if there is a ray of light or smtng but what do you think? Do you leave the light on or should I off the lights?
  6. bunbun.o_c

    Rabbit trio?

    Oh thank you for the advice! My two bucks aren't bonded yet tho because they recently just got neutered and one of my buns hormones still didn't dissipate eventhough it's been a month basically? Since their neutering.So,should I bond both of them first or should I wait for the third bunny and...
  7. bunbun.o_c

    Rabbit trio?

    okay this is random but can you bond 3 bunnies together? Is a trio of the same gender alright? I'm thinking of adopting a rescue bunny and I already have 2 bucks! What should I do? There's not much knowledge and people adopting rabbits in my area so I'm feeling really pitiful to those poor...
  8. bunbun.o_c

    A Collection of Oreo Photos

    AWWW your bunny is so cute!!