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    Litter question

    I took some inspiration from Blue Eyes and clipped the top off of a pet carrier so that I just use the bottom half. Then I put a thick layer of newspaper and on top of that a layer of wood pellets which I got in the cat section of my pet shop. On the top is good oul hay, I put fresh hay on...
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    Uneaten cecotropes

    Speaking from limited experience, my bunny doesn't eat them if she's had too many veg and feels she doesn't need any more protein in her diet, or if i walk into the room and disturb her before she can process them. It shouldn't really matter how much hay/pellet your rabbit has because they...
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    The food game

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    Can rabbits be allergic to vegetables?

    Someone recommended broccoli for my bunny and a day or two later she had one eye very red and less "bulgy" than her healthy eye with the eyelid more closed. It didn't have any discharge or crusting and didn't seem to bother her but I know rabbits are notorious for internalizing pain. I stopped...
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    Bun Bun

    This is Bunbun. She's a young, female Dwarf cross bunny. I got her when she was 12 weeks old and was affectionately called Bunbun from the first day, many names were suggested for her as a real name but in the end Bunbun stuck. She's a friendly bun who loves affection, on her own terms. She...
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    Reason for all the pooping???

    I have a 4 month old dwarf X female, I got her about a month ago and she lives in the kitchen in a cage during the day and gets let out when I'm around. Since day 1 she's been very good with litter training. She poops in her cage but most of her business is in the litter tray in her cage but the...
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    Hi from Ireland

    Hello, I'm looking for some first hand information and figured this would be the best place to start. I've had outside rabbits before but have just accuired my first house rabbit so I'm full of questions This is BunBun, 4 month old Dwarf X