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  1. BunnyWabbit

    New Baby E-Lop Need to Knows

    What a cutie! He's the same color as one of my E-Lops, Inara. I have 3 E-Lops and really you can feed them like any other bunny. I've had two of them since they were babies. I fed them Oxbow Young Rabbit, unlimited until they were 6 months old at which point I started slowly limiting pellets...
  2. BunnyWabbit

    trouble bonding males

    I have five bonded rabbits and I've used stress bonding during all phases except for the first (when I bonded my pair). It's more of a facilitation method when dealing with aggressive rabbits. A way to keep them from fighting so they can see the other rabbit is not a threat. It also allows helps...
  3. BunnyWabbit

    3 pounds of hay

    O.O My five go through a 75lb bale ($13 at a local feed store) each month. That's approx 3.75lbs per bunny per week. They are little hay piggies. Some feed stores also sell by the flake which can be cheaper than buying bagged hay.
  4. BunnyWabbit

    Tub Trio Bonding

    I'm commenting/watching this on the other forum. Lol! Nothing more to add here just wanted to pop by this one too! I'm excited for your little trio :D
  5. BunnyWabbit

    I hate being touched and it's causing my fiancé and I to argue..

    I think maybe seeing a counselor together might be beneficial for both of you. It could help you with your being touched issues, help him understand them, and help him with his lying issues. Sometimes just having someone to talk to, mediate, and put things in perspective really does help. Best...
  6. BunnyWabbit

    Opinions On Rabbit Bonding

    Boys can still impregnate intact female rabbits for 30 days after they are neutered. You won't want to have Penny around his daughter during that time. It didn't sound like you were planning to or anything I just thought it was worth mentioning. With Pandi and Piglet there are a couple things...
  7. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Thank you everyone! :) Squidpop - I'm glad you enjoyed my thread. All of mine are spayed/neutered. Personally, I do not believe that bonding intact rabbits is very practical or safe. Sex hormones amplify territorial behaviors and can make bonding very difficult to impossible. The only intact...
  8. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    :) Feeding time is fun to watch. Well... I'm probably going to watch them for another day or so out of my own paranoia but I'm going to call them "officially" bonded! Watching them play together is just about the cutest thing ever. :D
  9. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Thanks everyone! :) Things are going really great this morning. Almost 58 straight hours together (Day 13) and they're only having a few tiffs here and there. Nothing that I've had to intervene with too much. I think we're approaching the finish line on this whole adventure. I always forget...
  10. BunnyWabbit

    Bonding! :)

    It's really hard and with most rabbits impossible to bond while they are intact. The only real successful ones I've heard of are with rabbits who have been together from a really young age. Even then, a lot of rabbits start fighting once they hit puberty. Being in close proximity with another...
  11. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Thanks Chrisdoc! 8 hours together so far and things have been going alright. The first 5 hours were on again, off again, for scuffles. But by 5:30 they started binkying around and playing together! So adorable. After that they snuggled together a bit. They "woke up" at 7:00 and played again. I...
  12. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    I was going to start their cementing yesterday but my husband decided he wanted to finish building a new base for their semi-permanent pen which will end up being a part of their permanent home. It was very important to him to get that done for whatever reason. So I started cementing tonight...
  13. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Pics from today:
  14. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Today is day 9 and things have been more of the same. I've been doing longer sessions and while there is more cuddling and less fights overall they still seem to be in the fight, nice, fight, nice cycle. The worst fighting that's happening is when two fight and then lash out at the bystander...
  15. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Thank you Chrisdoc and Troller! Troller - I definitely agree that bonding methods seem to very from place to place and person to person. Bonding is something that I feel like I'm always learning more and more about. Even looking back over the past week I can see ways I would do things...
  16. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Day 6 & 7: Both 3 hours. Things are moving a long well. Everyone seems to be getting along for the most part. The only two that are really still fighting are Monty and Helo. My problem children -_- . Every once in a while Inara gets pulled in but I've been noticing it's only when one of the...
  17. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Day 5: 3 hour session Added litter boxes into the mix. They ran around playing "musical litter box" for about 10 minutes. We had a few scuffles between Helo and Monty so we stress bonded them. 30 minutes in everything had settled down and other than some minor altercations there was no...
  18. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Golfdiva - I'm not sure what you're asking exactly. The goal is for them to work as a long term functioning group with a developed social structure. With groups there may be some that are closer with specific others but none are left out and all are able to enjoy each other's company. Not all...
  19. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Thanks Azerane! :) Bonding gets less and less scary the more you do it. I'm glad people are enjoying the thread and pics. :) ZombieSue - Haha, thanks! They all have such great litter habits in normal situations but all the territorial pooping... -_- I had to sweep three times during bonding...
  20. BunnyWabbit

    Quintet Bonding

    Day 4: Three hour session today. Hour 1: Was Helo humpfest. He humped Penny, Inara, Dexter, and started to hump Monty but didn't. No fights at all until about 45 minutes in. Helo and Monty started having issues so we stress bonded them. Things settled down after that. Hour 2: Dexter groomed...