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    OK to use wood shavings as litter?

    You can as long as it's aspen. Ceader and pine are toxic. I use hardwood stove pellets and they work well.
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    Rabbit tricks

    Rabbits respond to clicker training. The first thing I'd do (after charging the clicker, obviously) is target train. You can teach nearly infinite tricks from a good target.
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    Severe Job Anxiety (probably just severe anxiety)

    I have anxiety with some complusions depending on the level of my anxiety on that day. I suffered for about eight months (having to quit both of my jobs and miss a lot of semester work) before I decided enough was enough. Tomorrow will be my 3rd therapy appointment. It helps. We've not even...
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    Building the bunny run and hutch. :)

    That looks great! I wish everyone cared to have enough space for their outdoor buns to hop around like you guys. Those store bought ones are just shameful. Looks like they're some happy and spoiled buns.
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    New Hutch cage extension.

    looks awesome! You might want to seal the floor before putting down the tiles. I know that I'm thankful I did (since a lot of water etc has gone through the cracks) so it will last the 10 years it'll be in use.
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    Bok Choy

    I generally only feed the leafy parts. There's nothing much to the stock (at least in my mind. I could be wrong) nutritionally, so I would rather they fill up on something better.
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    Barn cage setups?

    I'd make the nic and then cover it (more zip ties) with hardwire cloth or cage wire so that rats and mice cant fit through the big grids of the nic. It's pretty cheap ($30 bucks a roll) and easy to work with (even if it's hard on your hands). I've used it to make the walls of my indoor hutch as...
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    Clumping litter is dangerous for rabbits, especially if your bun would eat it, erinmoveit. It stinks, but It's true. I use hardwood stove pellets. I dont think thet make them in soft woods. You can find them in tge winter at Walmart, or all year round at tractor supply. I've usedd pelleted...
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    Floor base

    I'd go plywood and linoleum tiles. I'd seal the plywood though, in case anything slipped through the cracks. Whole thing should be about 30 bucks.
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    Nibbler's New Hutch--Thoughts and Suggestions?

    That's fantastic! I'd live there happily if i were a bunny.
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    was adviced against getting a bunny :(

    Rabbit urine does smell before the rabbit is fixed, but as long as you clean the litterbox often and get the rabbit fixed when they are of age, it shouldn't be an issue. As for the timidness, that totally depends on where the rabbit comes from. So a pet store? The rabbit probably is timid...
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    he is peeing everywhere....

    He needs to be neutered.And, keep in mind that you can't just put him outside anyway. It's winter. You need to wait until early spring now when the weather is more temperate so his coat can adjust. He'd be much too cold now. Prevention is key. Before you let him out, make sure he goes. Also...
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    What was your best rabbit related purchase(s) of 2012?

    Well, all of the materials that made their hutch. And I just bought them an xpen so they can have more time out. Ever since the puppy came I don't have as much time to supervise them, but now I can just let them out and close the door and know they are safe. I should really make a thread...
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    Can rabbits eat bananas?

    Bananas and blue berries are crack for mine. They don't get them very often, but occasionally I'll throw a human sized bite (split between two rabbits) into their veggies about twice a month, if that.
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    Do you believe in Cesar Milans ways of dog training?

    And, as people of freewill, you will obviously choose to train your dog however you want. i just hope it's not blindly following someone on tv who makes up crap as he goes and damages dogs for life. Because, to paraphrase Bill Nye, science is always a fact, whether you choose to believe it or...
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    Do you believe in Cesar Milans ways of dog training?

    The guy who wrote the book on Alpha Theory has been trying to get his book off of the shelf and out of print since then. Because it was a misfounded study and has been disproven by every behaviorist since then. But, even if it was accurate (which it isn't) it would be irrelavant anyway...
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    Who has outside dogs?

    First off, Alpha theory has been disproven. So please don't try to "Fraser Milan" your dog because of this. Any change in behavior warrants a vet visit. It probably is arthritis, but I could be something else. And I know you're a good parent, but you can't be everywhere at once I'm sorry...
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    How do you deal with hay?

    My litter box is a 18 gallon tote with a hole for a door. The high sides kept the hay in for a while, but then they started to dig it out. Now, I have a dollar store little trashcan that I cut a big hole in that I clip to the side of the literbox. With the combination, I hardly ever see a hay...
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    Best handheld vacuum?

    I've spent hours unplugging hay from traditional vaccums. I bought a small (can easily carry in one hand) wet/dry shop vac off of amazon for $40. I LOVE it. It picks up all bunny related messes like a champ andit has super strong suction so I use it for stray cat litter and broken glass and...
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    List three things that you LIKE and DISLIKE the most about keeping rabbits?

    Likes: 1. Running a bunny massage parlor 2. Watching them cuddle 3. Binkies and bunny 500s. Dislikes: 1. They've taken to digging out their litter, which theyve never done in the first 5 years of their lives 2. Hay everywhere. 3. Squeezing into small spaces so I think they're lost.
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