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  1. Bunny mom


    Hi I’ve been feeding my rabbit Timothy hay since I got him witch was when he was about 3 months and now he is 5 , and I heard they need alfalfa hay to grow and develop so does that mean he won’t grow well?
  2. Bunny mom


    I got my rabbit on December 11th when he was about 3 months old and it’s January 18 it has been about a month and a few days since I got him but I’ve been struggling bonding with him. He lets me pet him and he will occasionally lay down next to me and run to me when he thinks I have food, but...
  3. Bunny mom


    Hi guys my male rabbit is turning 5 months in a few days and I was wondering if I should change his diet. Ever since I got him since he was about 3 months I’ve been feeding him young rabbits oxbow pellets I give him about 1/3 cup a day and Lilttle extra or under sometimes , Because sometimes he...
  4. Bunny mom

    Oh no!

    hi I left my bunny in his cage last night in my room and i slept in the living room to watch a movie and In the morning he escaped out of his cage , and Thier was Chinese food in the room but It was in a to go box and my mom said in the morning the Chinese food was all over the floor. Could it...
  5. Bunny mom


    hi I came home today and I heard my rabbit sneeze like 5 times in a row and that freaked me out because i have never heard him sneeze and I know that when rabbits sneeze it’s bad , all I did was give him new hay and add napkins to his litter box Bc I can’t change it today and I wanted to cover...
  6. Bunny mom

    My bunny

    hi recently got a rabbit about 2 weeks ago and lately I’ve bern seeing him itching his ears and then licking his feet , and shaking his head when laying down what could this mean?