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    Need YOUR opinions please!

    I looooove anything broken
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    War Machine!

    She is a Mini lop, very little girl too- when I got her she could fit on one hand, now she fits on both :) She is named Warmachine after this guy > Basically he was an MMA fighter turned porn star who went...
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    War Machine!

    This is my mini lop girl War Machine. She is the most insanely sweet bunny I have ever met, she is soooooooo friendly, I didn't know rabbits could get as friendly as she is! She lives in a puppy X pen in a sort of busy part of the house and every time someone goes past she stands up against the...
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    White pee stains on dark floor!

    The vinegar seems to have worked in the small test patch I tried it on, will haul everything out tomorrow hopefully and give all of the pee stains a good soaking! Thanks again!
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    White pee stains on dark floor!

    Thanks so much guys! I did not get back to reading this until today... I have just put the vinegar down so will see how that goes, if it doesn't work then I will have to find some CLR :) Yous are lifesavers!
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    White pee stains on dark floor!

    Hey all, Any ideas about how I can get white bunny pee stains off a dark coloured floor? I'm not sure exactly what the floor is, it *looks* like tiles, but it's all in one piece and it's a little squishy (for lack of a better word)... it could be laminate or something? I was away for a few...
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    Some questions for the vegetarians / vegans on here

    I LOVE soups- cannot get enough of them! My favourite is leek, potato and blue cheese soup... you should be able to google a recipe for this. A really great, yummy salad dressing that makes any salad delicious is HUMMUS! Just put a few spoons of hummus onto your salad and it will be delicious...
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    New mini lop baby

    Have not picked a name for her yet. She is soo unbearably sweet, likes to sit on me and have her face rubbed and always has to stand up and sniff and "bump" my hand whenever I am fussing around with toys or food in her cage
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    Not bonding so well, going too fast?

    Got a new bunny a few days ago, a very sweet little baby girl bun who is very friendly and lovely... introduced her to my neutered boy in our bathroom and it all seemed fine, they followed each other around sniffing, and then he would go up to her and lay his head down for her to lick and she...
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    Hopefully getting a new bunny tomorrow! *pics included!* :D

    My flatemate moved out a week ago, and with her went my bunny's best friend Toto... so I have been looking for a new girl bunny friend for him and I think I have found his perfect match! She is a mini lop too, and about 1 year old. Hoping to pick her up tomorrow, just waiting to hear back! He is...
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    Poop Issue

    Hey Madison! I have not been able to find Timothy Hay either, I have been thinking about ordering Timothy Hay pellets off the internet, hopefully they are okay with customs! At the moment, I have been feeding a mix of meadow hay from my parents farm, and sometimes hay from Animates as Murder...
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    Poop Issue

    Hwy, I'm from Christchurch too- in my opinion the best vet here for bunnies is At The Vets, that's on the corner of Brougham St and Waltham Rd. They have an experienced rabbit vet, a rabbit ward that is separate from cats and dogs, they will board your bunny while you are away on holiday... they...
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    Blue eye or light brown?

    OMG she is cute! The dark rings around her eyes are adorable!
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    Any Chch people on here?

    So over earthquakes. I was at uni when it happened, very scary. We don't have water back on yet... we do have power though thankfully. Our street was flooded and covered in silt, slowly getting that all cleaned up... now sporting a hole in our bedroom roof... but happy to be alive! Keeping our...
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    English Lop Breeders

    I soooo wish we could get Elops in NZ- they are ADORABLE!
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    Any Chch people on here?

    Still getting aftershocks, there have been well over 1000 aftershocks now. Latest was a 3.7 this morning around 10.30am, but we don't really notice them anymore! Parts of the central city are still closed, lots of roads are still damaged, a lot of buildings (including the one where my partner's...
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    Any tips for shearing or plucking angoras? My flatmate has an angora X who is feeling very hot under her fluff (it's summer here). We trimmed a bit with scissors, but really need to take it all off. The groomers will only do it under anesthetic...
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    Any Chch people on here?

    Another huge aftershock this morning... power went out again, more damage to inner city buildings :(
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    Any Chch people on here?

    Yeah our house is okay, a few cracks in the walls, some plaster has fallen off... lots of plates etc broken but we're doing okay. Hopefully no big after shocks come and knock our chimney off... everyone around here seems to have lost their chimneys. The aftershocks aren't too strong, but have...
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    Any Chch people on here?

    Yes, we are all fine! Bunnies don't care at all!! Cats freaked and ran away but are all home now... power back and we are warm thankfully...
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