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  1. J

    Moving 3,000 miles with rabbit, extremely nervous

    Sounds like you've thought of everything! 🐰🩷 One thing I would advise, if the car is noisy or not perfectly smooth riding, put some blankets under and around bun's carrier for extra shock absorption. If you do this, just make sure it's in a way that doesn't add too much heat. Safe travels!
  2. J

    Rabbit attacked by cat (RIP)

    This is so sad to hear. My heart goes out to you and bun 💞💫
  3. J

    Rabbit attacked by cat (RIP)

    Camden Pet Hospital in San Jose sees rabbits and offers emergency services during regular hours: 4960 Camden Ave San Jose, CA 95124 phone: (408) 265-2200 Get an Uber or find a ride from a friend you trust. Go now! Godspeed.
  4. J

    Eating and drinking but not pooping or peeing (much) after spay??

    Thanks, guys! Everything is looking back to normal this morning. I adore my vet - she's fantastic -- but it's nice as a new bun mom to hear confirmation from folks here. Cheers! 🐰🐰
  5. J

    Eating and drinking but not pooping or peeing (much) after spay??

    1.4 year old bun had spay surgery yesterday. Everything went great and she started eating lots of greens and hay, and drinking plenty of water, by 12 hours post-op. She had a good poo overnight, a small pee this morning, and since then, not much. Still eating and drinking like crazy, though. Vet...
  6. J

    Bunny ramp?

    Thanks for the tips! The steps are carpeted, which really does help. She goes up with no problem - it's getting down that's the puzzle. She is tiny, and her front legs don't reach far enough to touch the next step down. Plus the steps are shallow and steep, so much that she's not even...
  7. J

    Bunny ramp?

    Bunny has lived with us for about 9 months and just turn 1 year old. She free roams the upstairs of our house and is fully socialized with our dog and cat, who of course go up and down the stairs all day. Bunny obviously is curious about the stairs and wants to explore but it seems like the...
  8. J

    hay storage

    I keep my hay in a plastic kitchen trash can with step-to-open lid from Target. A 90oz bag of hay (opened) fits perfectly and gets plenty of air.
  9. J

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    It definitely counts for the dog! Sweet bunch of friends!
  10. J

    Sudden weird behavior changes??

    Brilliant! Great info. Thank you so much!
  11. J

    Sudden weird behavior changes??

    Olive is just about to turn 1 year old, and on Tuesday I noticed two sudden changes: First, she became VERY frisky! Normally active, outgoing, and playful, she's now on another level... and now her activity includes humping her friend Pimento, a floppy-eared puppy plush toy about her size that I...
  12. J

    very very sick rabbit fever 108.2 (RIP)

    I'm so sorry your bun's last days were so painful, for both of you. I'll be thinking of you. 😥
  13. J

    I need a name

    Congrats on the new bun! I like Bonnie. It's of a certain time, and the alliteration with other bun is cute.
  14. J

    My little girl passed away suddenly

    Oh, I am so, so sorry to hear this. Heartbreaking... hugs and condolences from Olive and me...
  15. J

    4 day old kit bulging eye

    Best bet is probably to get to the vet asap. Eye trauma can lead to infection, glaucoma (one sign of which is swelling), and other serious issues. Sometimes rabbits are born carrying e. cuniculi or pasteurella, which can show up in the eye and sinuses. Good luck 🙏
  16. J

    2 buns need foster or forever homes PA

    They're not bonded, they don't have to be adopted as a pair, but probably could be.
  17. J

    How Long will 20 pounds of Pellets last and a 25 pound box of hay?

    Dandelion geens, parsley, broccolini, dark leaf lettuce (NOT iceberg). These are usually easy to find and not too expensive. Occasionally (1-2 x per week): kale, spinach, a brussels sprout. Clover from outdoors IF you're 100% certain it's Clover and that it's not ever sprayed with chemicals...
  18. J

    My pet bunny just passed this morning

    I'm so sad to see your news and sorry for your loss. What a special, sweet bun. 💔
  19. J

    Meet Vidar!

  20. J

    Hello. He’s Watson and I’m Michael.

    Hi Michael and Watson! Are you both in agreement about what defines "play"? For rabbits, it's foraging and running off with their loot. Try crumpling up some paper and putting it in a small cardboard box with some dried herbs and flowers (Olive likes Belinda's Blend and dried lavender from the...