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  1. Oldbun89

    Prolonged Nystagmus in geriatric rabbit

    She was deemed low risk for e. cuniculi to begin with as was never allowed outside. She started Baytril in August 2023 and improved immediately, and then declined immediately after stopping her first 2 week course. Also her nystagmus direction is more typical of inner ear. I saw two independent...
  2. Oldbun89

    Prolonged Nystagmus in geriatric rabbit

    Hello, I have a geriatric dwarf rabbit who is approximately 12 years old. August 2022 she came down with nystagmus, head tilt and frequent bouts of GI stasis. Vets ruled out e.cunniculi and she was put on a course or Baytril and Metacam every 12 hours. Head tilt and nystagmus stayed away as...