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  1. Momma Luvbun

    Storm left without us.

    I can feel your pain. And I can understand your parents not bringing Iris with them. .when I took my black beauty to the vet, I didn't have time to think about grabbing her husbun too. She passed away in my hands when we were waiting for the vet to come into the room 😔 Very beautiful area your...
  2. Momma Luvbun

    Help Me With My Future Buns!

    @Sweet Bunny I along with most folks and buns everywhere, are very proud of your wanting to educate BEFORE getting buns, so thank you. Indoor buns are the best but you must become "house rabbit" educated. #1 must is bunny proofing the room(s) bunbun will be in. Cables, baseboards and sometimes...
  3. Momma Luvbun


    You'll do great. We are all friends here 🙂
  4. Momma Luvbun


    Ive watched many vids, and have decided to leave it to a couple of ladies I have come and do my buns nails. Anything that needs attention for their health is taken care of by their vet and their maintenance crew 🙂.
  5. Momma Luvbun


    @alexandra the great this happened to my last bun, looked a lot like yours. I noticed the nail laying on the floor before I was about to vacuum. So of course I looked over her paws and didn't see anything wet (blood, puss or otherwise) just that all her nails were long. I brought her to the...
  6. Momma Luvbun

    I need some ideas for toys please

    I go gathering in my neighbourhood for willow tree branches so I can tie them into balls, etc. I also use toilet paper rolls and apple branches.. stick two sticks into two rolls in different sequences and set up an ability course you can make the sticks go like this: = x or for one stick just...
  7. Momma Luvbun

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    My last girl was the best. I got her as an 11 week old kit and got to spend 5 fantastic yet trying years before she crossed over. She taught me ALL about bunny and what that means... From NOT having a heartattack when they zoom all over the place just to stop flat in their tracks and fall...
  8. Momma Luvbun

    R.I.P. My Bunny "Stew"

    @Nancy McClelland my heart knows your pain. My feline went missing for 4 years. In the last year of him missing I got my kit, I named Pepsipepper Pooper. She was THE best, and she loved me like no other. A year old and miraculously, we got my feline back. I didn't know how to intergroup them...
  9. Momma Luvbun

    Are pet strollers/Pet car seats worth the money?

    @TreasuredFriend yes, it certainly did/does. And I also use bungy cords to fully secure the carrier, in case they do get scared in there and begin to thump/hop about so it doesn't jiggle out of place. I only wish the back went down all the way so the carrier fit into the seat instead of having...
  10. Momma Luvbun

    Are pet strollers/Pet car seats worth the money?

    @Orrin that's the best parent to be. Sometimes we don't have the option to not take our buns out (like me, who doesn't drive so I need to bus) though, but yes their welfare is of the highest importance.
  11. Momma Luvbun

    Quality of life for seniors

    @Blue eyes Ohh yes, I am getting quite bunny savvy over the years however I haven't had older buns. My last girl, passed away suddenly, at age 5 and she was active right up to 8 days before her passing. I expected her to live to 9-10 at least. Her widow and his new wife are both in great...
  12. Momma Luvbun

    Quality of life for seniors

    Good day to you all. I have been wondering what kind of toys and food I should be providing to my buns as they age. They are free roam with full access to my converted 1 car garage little home. I believe my two to be seniors now (approx 5&6 possibly less a yr each) and want to make sure I am...
  13. Momma Luvbun

    Are pet strollers/Pet car seats worth the money?

    I personally use my granddaughter's old stroller. Paid nothing and saves me carrying them to their vet appointment. They can get heavy 😅 and I don't drive so I have to bus them. And I say " I'm being one of THOSE pet parents 🤣, and it's smart 🤓👍🥰"
  14. Momma Luvbun

    Organic spring mix--ok to feed?

    My buns LOVE spring mix 🥰
  15. Momma Luvbun

    Lump! Help!

    When I first got my little fella, he was found to have a quarter size "lump" on his neck just at his back (I believe that's where it was.. I didn't take him into the vet, my bunny wranglers did) and it was found to be a cyst of some sort. The vet syringred it out and the needle was full of...
  16. Momma Luvbun

    Chewing paint and drywall

    I personally don't have that issue with my buns, and I attribute it to my furniture blocking the baseboards. So my suggestion is to place furniture where bun likes to go. Alternatively, you could get 2x4's and place them as a "boarder" around your baseboards as well as larger pieces of wood to...
  17. Momma Luvbun

    Not sure whether my lion head has a double or single mane

    You got yourself a single mane lion head 🥰 My little fella is a double mane. You can tell by his "skirt" 🥰 My youngest grand put his stuffy in handcuffs 🤣 .. it's a toy I made out of two canning jar rings and a keychain ring.
  18. Momma Luvbun

    Could this baby kit (Tiny) be a peanut or runt? Please help

    Just looks like a runt to me ☺️🥰
  19. Momma Luvbun

    Mama bunny not sure is giving to the kits

    Momma's usually only feed in the morning and at night. I think her babies look well, but I am also not educated in newborn kit rearing. Only from what I've read and watched on videos.
  20. Momma Luvbun

    Leaving my bunny alone (need advice ASAP!!)

    I'm on the west coast of Canada and our summers have been getting rather brutal, so fully understand the worry. Good on you for setting up twice daily checks, as this is important for your bun. I have just recently gotten two ceramic tiles for my buns to lay on when the summer comes, so I...