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    Traumatic birth need advice asap

    My doe kindled June 6th. She had 4 kits. All 4 of them for stuck & were pulled out. Obviously non lived. This was her 3rd litter. The other 2 were successful with no deaths. My question is, how long should she be spotting blood. It is not a lot of blood & doesn't have an odor. None of my does...
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    Should I bring my bonded pair together if ones being put down?

    I agree with JenGibs. Take the pair to the vet & let your Bunilla stay with Bambino for a time so she understands he has passed. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    Abused Classroom Rabbit

    How old are you? Are you an adult that can raise hell? Personally, I'd steal the rabbit, but I'm 30 years old & kind of an A-hole like that. Has this teacher been reported to the principal? Or anybody?
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    Getting Mats off of a Pregnant Rabbit

    Get down on her level & talk softly to her. Don't touch her. Humm, or sing, really softly. It will let her know you aren't going to hurt her. When she seems to relax, very gently stroke her. If she tenses back up, stop petting her. See if she will eat some critical care & herbs. Those will...
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    My female gave birth!

    dont introduce them to kids/park until weaned. Also, dont let your bunnies eat the vegetation at parks. They spray pesticides & weed killers, it could make your rabbits very sick. Mama bunnies dont hang out with their babies, they feed them 2x a day & thats it. I start to sprinkle bunny pellets...
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    Breeding? Or no babies?

    Please do not breed your rabbits. Humane societies are over full, yo would only be adding to the problem. I'm a breeder, so I am not against breeding, but I only breed to the standard. Breeding your rabbits then dumping at the humane society is a terrible idea.
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    Is this a Fuzzy Lop?

    From these pictures, the fur around the ears does seem a bit longer, could be a cross. But, sometimes, babies take bit to lose the fuzzy, baby fur. Give him a few months.
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    6? week old kits-mom has another litter. HELP

    I unfortunately cannot keep them where they are. They are in an outside hutch that is absolutely disgusting and falling apart. I am bring them and the doe with the new litter to my house and putting them in my rabbit barn. (I breed rabbits and my mom let me know about this bad situation. there...
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    6? week old kits-mom has another litter. HELP

    I have been contacted by a person that has a hoarding situation with rabbits. they are terribly neglected. The emergent situation is 3, 6 week(they think) old kits, whose mother just had another litter and is being aggressive to the older kits. Can I pull them out of moms cage and they will be...
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    Rookie mistake... :(

    She is likely pregnant. I just want to input, if your doe is a free roaming house bunny, make sure to keep a close eye on her at the end of her pregnancy. I had a house bunny that made a nest in the drawer under my couch! Even when I gave her a nest box! Little stinker. If I hadn't discovered it...
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    I feel guilty...

    your beautiful bun looks like mine! And I have a similar sized cage I keep her in while I am at work. I work 8 hrs a day. I come home at lunch and let her out for 2 hrs. Then she gets free roam time from 3pm to 10pm. She is perfectly fine. Your rabbit is ok in the cage. Would he like more free...
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    Food aggression?

    My butthole, 13 week old rabbit, is the same way. I put my hand on top of his head and push him down to the floor and then feed him or give him water. I will also wear gloves and then feed him treats and pet him to try and make him realize my hand is his friend when it has food. lol. I haven't...
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    New Member. Need Advise.

    I have a rabbit that will intermittently stop using her box. I have to confine her to a smaller space with her litter box to help her remember what its for. I have been told this gets better once the rabbit is spayed/neutered. I also have given her extra litter boxes around the house.
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    If the ligament is completely torn, I highly doubt it will heal. If your parents are not wanting to amputate or repair, then have them get a couple more opinions on the damage. You can take the Xrays your vet already did to have them looked at to avoid another sedation. Personally, I'd...
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    Old boy and with tumor :-(

    I would honestly treat him for pain and keep a close eye on him. At 7 years old he may not survive the surgery. It also does not hurt to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, about the surgery, if you can afford it. I'm sorry about your poor sweet bunny boy.
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    Are Rex/Mini Rex rabbits hypoallergenic?

    I heard that they are? Is this true? My sister really wants a bunny, but she is allergic to my Lops & Lionheads.
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    My daughter fed our 8 week old bunnies cucumbers and carrots!

    I did syringe water to him/her just to be safe. It seems to still have an appetite, it was eating the hay & oats. Thank you
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    My daughter fed our 8 week old bunnies cucumbers and carrots!

    The closest exotic/rabbit savvy vet is over an hr away. She is fantastic, but I don't want to further stress this little one out, I will call her & see if she has suggestions.
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    My daughter fed our 8 week old bunnies cucumbers and carrots!

    She thought she was helping. She was giving treats to our older buns & then gave the tinies treats as well. Now 1 of them has an upset belly, pudding like poops. I took away pellets & put it on hay only & added some rolled oats. Is there anything else I can do to save this little one?
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    What breed are your rabbits? It could be a peanut. Is the missing leg from a deformity or did the mother accidentally over clean & chew it off? Sorry you have to deal with a sick little baby.