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  1. TreasuredFriend

    Rabbit suddenly not eating (RIP)

    @EdwardV, My empathy or condolence hugs go out to you. Proceeding with a gentle PTS is never easy, so the final-act-of-love is often the best decision if there is little hope of recovery or bouncing back. Yes, nine years of your and Lola's love is something to look back on later - after...
  2. TreasuredFriend

    Bunny cannot use fore or hind legs (RIP)

    My empathy and condolences wrt the gentle PTS of Goldie. In the past two decades we did specialty care for hind-limb paresis buns, however never a bun who was splayed on all four or unable to use/stand with front legs. Sending hugs for your PTS decision of Goldie.
  3. TreasuredFriend

    New member!

    It's A-OK if s/he's a mutt. Because I'm kinda considered a mutt myself, and all the rescued mutts or half-mutts mixed breeds we have had for the past 20 years were lovable in their own unique ways. You and Myer will bring each other joy and happiness in the next 12+ years. It is helpful...
  4. TreasuredFriend

    New here!

    We have accepted numerous tattoo'd ear rabbits into our rescue. Some came as strays, some from high-volume shelters, and at the shelter we also saw surrendered rabbits with tattoos in their ears. We are happy when they find permanent loving homes.
  5. TreasuredFriend

    When do you decide it is time to euthanize your rabbit?

    wrt falling over and laying on one's side: This may be non-applicable but worth a mention. Our 7 y.o. mini rex cannot use her back legs. For a time she would fall over on her side, unable to upright herself from 11pm to 5 am. Or throughout daytime hours when I ran errands. We started doing...
  6. TreasuredFriend

    When do you decide it is time to euthanize your rabbit?

    Appetite, attitude, and affection. Look in their eyes as monitored over an extended period of time. Our gal with the fx'd femur managed well and had a zest for life and exercise for a year and a half after a callous formed over the fracture area. Her kidney function was declining toward the...
  7. TreasuredFriend

    Can't seem to free roam my rabbit

    Is this the same couch you had in your former apartment?
  8. TreasuredFriend

    Handheld Vacuum Recommendations

    Did you try using a broom and dust pan for stray fragments and marbles?
  9. TreasuredFriend

    Rabbit attacked by cat (RIP)

    Likewise adding my condolences. There was a Facebook group post about a bun attacked by a domestic cat with images. Little one, beautiful harlequin (but coloring does not matter) did not survive either. Just as you tried your best to help Creela, the Rescue group sought vet care...
  10. TreasuredFriend

    How to clean a really dirty and poopy rabbit?

    We have cared for special needs' buns with hind limb paresis (unable to hop or use their back legs) for approximately 20 years. Cecals do get stuck if their medical conditions do not allow somebun to rotate and ingest immediately from the output valve. What works best for us is a two-person...
  11. TreasuredFriend

    Do Bunnies Think?

    @Orrin , A longtime friend whom I met when chaperoning a bunny date at the shelter continues to observe cottontail behavior on his property. As we do! I could write a chapter about cottontail behavior. He would observe a yard cottontail stacking pie tin plates during wintertime supplements...
  12. TreasuredFriend

    Poop Brat

    This is a valuable education website - with lots of photos! - to keep in mind when you are a bun parent. Hope this helps, @Mini_Rex , when you contend with a 10-week-old youngster who is marking territory with your busy household, dog, and children.
  13. TreasuredFriend

    Poop Brat

    @Mini_Rex , on the subject on marking territory and pee'ing previous to neuter/spay: I accompanied a rescue to a prospective home for dating his n/boy. His mini rex boy would groom him, and when cherished boy jumped up on the soft comfy bedding that is easy to urinate on, well, Peanut his...
  14. TreasuredFriend

    Last minute bonding advice

    Dunno how far you wish to drive for a dating situation to gauge relationship chemistry? Gainesville Rabbit Rescue in FL, and Southwest Florida Rabbit Rescue post all the time wrt rabbits needing forever homes. Hope you can check out all the rescue pages listed.
  15. TreasuredFriend

    New soap

    Same for letting their personalities and feelings known: Our 8 y.o. dutch rescue scampers up the stairway and does the obligatory thump at the top hallway. His routine behavior once his playshift has ended. Thumping at the DVM was a smilemaker situation, too, @Mini_Rex ! Two rexes were...
  16. TreasuredFriend

    New soap

    One sanctuary bun would bite hard as I lowered my hand with the Oxbow Simple Rewards treat - or any other mini-treat. She smelled the shower gel scent after I had exited the shower a bit earlier. Same for using a kitchen sink area hand soap. When I didn't have the "different" aroma on my...
  17. TreasuredFriend

    Bonded Loss

    First off, I offer my empathy on your boy's bladder stone surgery and subsequent death. I understand the grief of losing somebun in surgery. Certainly not a horrible decision to try bonding. I dunno if Blue eyes has bonding advice on her rabbitindoors weebly site? Here's a couple links to...
  18. TreasuredFriend

    Caught my young bunny sitting in water yesterday and the day before he would just sit spinning around periodically and died unexpectedly today

    I want to express my condolences also. Sadness. Empathy always for these vulnerable pets who pass away without ever experiencing the TLC we can give. Yes, we replay what would have caused their deaths? I understand the "shoulda, woulda, coulda's". Ditto what @Nancy McClelland typed...
  19. TreasuredFriend

    New bunny hopping with fleas

    When you visit the rabbit-savvy vet with Fluffy, please take a fecal sample. Several rescues and buns who were surrendered to shelters (formerly abandoned) received a parasitic or coccidiosis dx. (dx = an abbreviaion for diagnosis). Mentioning this from our personal experiences. One dutch...
  20. TreasuredFriend

    Will something happen if rabbit groomed themselves after being lightly bathed with a rabbit shampoo?

    Is your young or adult bun spayed? I well know that even sp/eutered buns can nip or bite to communicate. How else can they say "put me down" or "I don't like what's going on." Our two year-old had his RHVD2 booster dose this past week. He sailed thru fine. No reactions or bunny disapproval...