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    Extremely mad at my bunnies

    I have 3 permanently free roaming rabbits (every room except the bathroom) and I've learnt to only use cheap headphones unless they're temporarily shut out of a room. :rollseyes Every set gets devoured eventually.
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    may sound stupid but "Fusing Hips?"

    Just as an irrelevant side note, it's not true in guinea pigs, either. What actually happens, instead of the bones 'fusing', is the ligaments tighten. Somewhat the same effect but ligaments tightening isn't such a risk in breeding older animals, although doing so isn't preferable at all in any...
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    Which trees are safe?

    My guys get pine, willow, alder, birch, apple, pear and hazel branches and twigs. My vet considers them safe and I've yet to have any adverse reactions. :)
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    Can proper rabbit keeping be done on a budget?

    My preference is to give rabbits unlimited hay and very little concentrate/pellet/mix, but I know many people (particularly breeders and showers) who keep their rabbits on a entirely pellet diet with no hiccups. I think it's very much a personal preference thing and, if it's not causing negative...
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    How to keep my rabbits warm in the winter

    My outdoor rabbits live in aviary-style outdoor pens all year round without issues (not tooo far from you). They have large bed boxes which I stuff with straw (better for warmth than hay) and at night I cover them all with a roll of carpet scrap on the outside walls, covered further with plastic...
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    Can proper rabbit keeping be done on a budget?

    I'm always a little surprised when I hear others saying that keeping rabbits is expensive. Bar medical treatment, I find it on the whole pretty cheap, although I am lucky to be able to buy from farm suppliers, and I have enough rabbits to be able to use it up quickly enough to buy in bulk...
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    considering moving rabbits outside

    Luluznewz wrote: Having worked with birds of prey of all different kinds (including ones taken from the wild), I can say with complete confidence that whether you live in the city or in the country is irrelevant if you have birds of prey in the area, and especially wild mature birds are more...
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    The Scoop on Fabrics

    I wouldn't put fabrics in with a rabbit that chews a lot (or, for that matter, one that pees on them constantly, unless you want to be washing & changing them a couple of times a day) but for one that doesn't chew, I'd say they're fine. I have 3 free-roaming rabbits who are around sofas, beds...
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    Tommy 120 C3

    Having had this cage before (not for use with rabbits, granted) I have to say I really wouldn't recommend it, especially for rabbits. I'd use it for a few rats at a push, but the whole cage is not designed for rabbits.
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    had an oopsie

    Vinegar is going to do nothing for deterring rabbits re-marking that spot due to the ammonia content. Biological washing powder in hot water does a much better job of removing smell/stains, and doesn't make your house smell like salad!
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    What does your daily Rabbit Care Consist of?

    I have a group of 3, and 2 single rabbits. The group of 3 free-roam the whole flat and don't have any cages, the 2 single bunnies live outside in separate aviary-style housing. The house rabbit's care goes as follows: Through the week 6am start >Feed veggies to indoor buns >Whilst they're...
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    How do you find your free-roam rabbits? too many places to hide

    I have a group of 3 (2 bucks and a doe) that free ranges my whole flat and I don't really have many issues. All of the flooring is either laminate or lino and they have no problems, though I have put a runner (is that what they're called? A long rug!) in the hall way and there's a rug in the...
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    Bunny hopping question

    BlueSkyAcresRabbitry wrote: Thank you!! I have been doing some harness work up to now, the problem hasn't really been with the harness, it's the leash. If it gets in her way she's goes ape and attacks everything around her so I've been accustoming her to that today working up slowly, and now...
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    Bunny hopping question

    Korr_and_Sophie wrote: Ahh OK thank you. :) Will get started on the lead training tomorrow..should be fun with her...not. LOL
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    Bunny hopping question

    Right, probably an obvious answer, but I worry to much so I am going to ask anyway! Is there a size minimum with rabbits in bunny hopping? I was hoping to start with my black rex doe, who is now a year old. I bought her with the mind of having her as a hopping Rabbit and for obvious reasons I...
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    Silly Things your bun ADORES

    My stud Conti Giant buck (5 yr old), "Snuff", LOVES plastic cups, ever since he's lived at this rabbitry he's had an infatuation with them. He has at least 3 in his court at the moment and wouldn't give them up for the world, if he goes out into the pen during cleaning he has to have a few in...
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    allo, allo, allo

    You're the one M got her orange rex doe of aren't you? :) Welcome to the forum! dittac wrote: Scroll down the forums and you'll see one for blogs, click on that and start your blog thread in there. :)
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    Mini rex colour help

    Legend! Thank youuu!!!! :D
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    Mini rex colour help

    Just a quickie, is there an actual mini rex colour 'beige' ? If so, does anybody have any pics? We've never heard of this before, let alone seen one. Neither have any breeder/showing friends.
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    Flesh Condition

    I would never use quick oats due to them expanding. If you're only using a pinch of two it should be OK, but any more I would stay well away.