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  1. swanlake

    urine smelling bunnies

    I have two adorable fosters that I just got today. We are taking them to a pet store on sunday, where our rescue has an agrement so they can be seen and adpoted. they were at the humane society and smell of urine. I know that after a while they will clean themselves off and the smell will go...
  2. swanlake

    bladder stones/sludge

    Hey! I haven't been on in quite some time... Anywho, my mother has a coworker with a rabbit that appears to have urine scald, as well as some bladder stones/sludge. I read the literature as well as forwarded iton to her, but there seems to be a lot about diagnosis, and not so much on...
  3. swanlake

    You'll never guess what I brought home today...

    Congrats on being a foster mom! It really is rewarding to help these buns out and find them new loving homes. Good Luck!
  4. swanlake

    Sable-buck Netherland Dwarf Female - Detroit, MI

    I work with a rescue in warren, called Tiny Paws. I am not I haven't talked to Linda, who runs the rescue in a while but they may be able to help you. the website is I hope things work out for you!
  5. swanlake

    MI Rabbit Savvy Vets

    At Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Hospital in Clinton Township, I also recomed Dr. Periat. She has treated all of my rabbits so far. The rescue I work for goes here as well and often sees Dr. Golombek. Highly recomended
  6. swanlake

    White Female bunny Northeastern Ohio

    I can go from the detroit area to the lansing area. I live near detroit and I go to MSU, so it is a frequent trip. Let me know if I can be of any help!!
  7. swanlake

    Question about housing non-bonded buns in same room...

    You could try making a "roof" out of nic panels to put on top of your boy's pen to prevent him from jumping out.
  8. swanlake

    A question for Michigan members

    I go to Parkway in Clinton Twp. Its a bit of a drive for me but worth it. It is also where the rescue I work for goes. They are really good with rabbits. Here is their website:
  9. swanlake

    Who else is a failed fosterer?

    I have failed three times. We kept echo, and then kept fiona as a friend for him, and recently we have kept a mini lop named paulanka. We did give her up for adoption once, but it didn't work out, and we were so sad when she left, so we decided to keep her. There have been a few close calls...
  10. swanlake

    its 2010 now

    ooh! I am in! I am going to start working out everyday once I get back to school. Hop on an excercise bike so I can get in shape for spring break, as well as get in shape for the spring cycling season.
  11. swanlake

    A very special rabbit

    BethM, I just had my mom read the story, and she wanted to know if there was anything we could do to help this lady get her rabbit back. Do you know of anything we could do to help?
  12. swanlake


    Luken Messy, are you going to the show? I am going to stop by, as I attend MSU, so it is like five minutes away.
  13. swanlake

    This is why I don't buy from pet stores

    Have any of you read the book "Stories Rabbits Tell"? It is very good and has a lot on the fur, meat, and bunny mill industry, as well as how the rabbit came into popular culture. I recomend it. On another note, just wanted to say I have one pet shop bunny, Fred. I must say the shop I got...
  14. swanlake

    depression & mania

    I was on cymbalta for a while. I have been on many meds for my depression! Right now I am on Prozac and abilify. It seems to be working. I did do something drastic though, I had ECT treatment last year. I think it helped a lot.
  15. swanlake

    Live webcasting!!!

    how did you do this? I am interested in doing something like this so I can see my bunnies even though I am away at college.
  16. swanlake

    Is this really a Lop/Lionhead mix? If so, how big will she get?

    just so you know, the smaller breeds can also be more fiesty, at least I think so. I have fostered many rabbits, and I think it all depends on the rabbit on how sweet they will be. My one girl doesnt really like people, but a foster I just had was the funnest and friendliest buns I have ever...
  17. swanlake

    I Need Hay Bin Ideas..

    I use this plastic bag holder thingie I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It works really well for me, and there it is pretty big so you can fit a lot of hay in there. It has these hooks on it so it can just hang on the cage.
  18. swanlake

    Shadow, Jester and Georgia

    ahem, I would thouroughly enjoy more photos. Thank you.
  19. swanlake

    How did you come up with your nickname for the forum?

    well, my oldest username was Legolas_Dancer11, then I got less obsessed with lotr, and I was older so I switched to Addicted2Pointe. Then I stopped dancing so I came up with swanlake after I had seen my first real ballet (which was swan lake) performed by the new york city ballet. It was...
  20. swanlake

    New to rabbits...

    Try, they can match you with the rescues close to you that have rabbits.
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