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  1. Peneloppythebun

    Post a Pic of your bunny with the Hashtag #StayInTogether

    Hi everybunny! I hope you all are staying safe during this time, to lighten the mood feel free to post a picture of your bun or buns with the hashtag #stayingintogether now without further a do here’s a picture of Peneloppy🐰
  2. Peneloppythebun

    Question about bunny behavior

    Okay so my two year old female Holland lop for the past three days has been a bit bossy. Yesterday she was throwing her toys and around and making lots of noises. I only put her in her pen when I’m sleeping but lately she’s been making so much noises chewing the pen that I have to take her out...
  3. Peneloppythebun

    Bunny’s right side of face is damp

    hi I was wondering if anyone else has experience this. My bunny drank out of her water bowl yesterday and today she has damp fur on the right side of her cheek.i always clean out her water bowl and give her fresh water daily.she didn’t have this happen yesterday. She’s still eating and peeing...
  4. Peneloppythebun

    Anyone else experience this with their bun?

    okay so my bun just started doing this yesterday, she would flop and sleep outside her pen by my bed and when she would wake up she would come towards me and circle around me and make this oinking honking noise. I was just wondering if it’s because she isn’t spayed and it’s her hormonal...
  5. Peneloppythebun

    Bunny getting destructive

    So my bunny wasn’t destructive before but I notice once she got use to me for the past week she starting getting destructive she chewed a small tiny itty bitty piece of my waterproof mat. I’m wondering if it’s because she is unspayed or if it’s normal for a rabbit to be destructive. I’m thinking...
  6. Peneloppythebun

    Best orchard grass hay?

    so far I am feeding my bun oxbow orchard grass hay. She eats it but she isn’t that crazy for it as she was with Timothy Hay. I’m allergic to Timothy Hay so that’s why I made the switch. I found that Timothy Hay is more course then orchard grass. Is there a coarse orchard grass hay that has the...
  7. Peneloppythebun

    Allergic to Timothy hay?

    Hi everyone I just got my bun and ever since her Timothy hays been in my room I’ve staring to have an itchy dry cough and my chin is itchy and I’m starting to get a rash. Before I got her I wasn’t coughing at all. Do you guys think it could be because if the Timothy hay? I heard about orchard...
  8. Peneloppythebun

    Share and show your pictures of your cute furbabies

    Share your pictures of your bunny babies here!
  9. Peneloppythebun

    Bunny toy?!

    Hi so I recently just got my bunny on Friday and she hasn’t payed any attention to her toys. She mostly just likes to eat, sleep, and explore. She has her baby stacker cups that her previous owner gave me and a treat ball but she doesn’t care for it. I even made her DIY toys from toilet paper...