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  1. Channahs

    Rabbit Savy Vets and Pain Meds

    Jodi was spayed today. This is the third bunny that our very rabbit savvy vet has spayed/neutered for us. All three times I've had to request Metacam or pain meds after the surgery. Dr. Paladino always seems so puzzled when I ask for them, but he always complies. Today he tried to send Jodi...
  2. Channahs

    Jodi's Nest

    Oh boy. Here we go again. Jodi thinks she's gonna have baby buns. Making her spay appointment today.
  3. Channahs

    It's A Bird! It's A Plane!

    NO! It's Super Barry!
  4. Channahs

    A List of Bunny Songs

    Add to! No Bunny Does it Better - by Carly Simon You Are My Bunshine - Johnny Cash :)
  5. Channahs

    Down The Rabbit Hole With Alice

    Alice's Blog Day One: My name is Alice. I was formerly known as "funny bunny". Yesterday was my gotcha day. 12/13/14. The last consecutive date you'll see in our lifetime. Pretty special huh? I'm kind of a rescue. My people that had me before were not atrocious, just a little...
  6. Channahs

    Rest Peacefully BabyGirl

    Binky Free.
  7. Channahs

    Recovering from Stasis

    I'd like to dedicate this thread to Bun Jovi. She's been such a little trouper throughout her terrible ordeal, but we would also like to have this be a spot for you to post your experiences so that others might benefit to help prevent and treat. There may be poop pictures attached, but only...
  8. Channahs

    Bun Jovi in Stasis - Help Please

    Good morning, Yesterday (might have even been the night before) Bun Jovi stopped eating and pooping. I've been hovering over her since yesterday and now we're really starting to get really worried. I've massaged her belly, given water through a syringe several times, given simethicone...
  9. Channahs

    The Silly Things We Do For Our Buns

    Those things that cause us to get strange looks from others, mostly not rabbit people who would never understand. I'll start with my big two: #1 Since too many broccoli flowerettes are known to cause gas in bunnies, I only buy them by the crown. I will purchase one small crown and then...
  10. Channahs

    Can we delete and ban jbaba278?

    I have seen more spam from this name jbaba278 than I can stand on several different occassions. Its rude, just rude! Who buys anything from anyone like this anyway? *dumps litterbox and lobs cocoa puffs at jbaba*
  11. Channahs

    Why Barry Why?

    This is the second day in a row that he has done this. I think he finds himself funny. Looks like I will need to break down and put a grate in his box now.
  12. Channahs

    Bunny Teenage Rebellion

    Wow! Barry is really being a little cuss tonight! He's into everything that I don't want him to be in, and I'm pretty sure that he knows it. This has been going on pretty much all day long. I've blocked off his access to go behind my desk. It's a snake pit of wires back there and he's...
  13. Channahs

    Barry Gets the Snip Tomorrow - Confinement Concerns

    Naturally my heart is in my throat. Barry and I have such a bunderful bond, my hubs thinks that I'm unnaturally attached...I think he's jealous. Anyway if you would just send up a positive thought. I'm sure all will be fine, he's a healthy guy. I guess I'm just feeling a little...
  14. Channahs

    Suppose anything is possible...

    Ya think?
  15. Channahs

    Bun Jovi Seems A Little Off

    I'm seeking a little advice from my elite bun friends here. Bon Jovi belongs to my son. He lives about a mile from me, and I check on her (and him) at least every 2 to 3 days. Jovi seemed a little off today. She hadn't eaten her morning salad. Her poops don't seem to be uniform. Some a...
  16. Channahs

    Bunnies That Love to be Held

    I know that I can't be the only one out here/there with a bun that begs to be picked up and snuggled. I keep seeing these post on Facepoop (especially tonight) stating that rabbits should not be picked up. I do understand that the majority of rabbits, Bun Jovi included, do not. I love her...
  17. Channahs

    Nonny Finds Fresh Papaya!!!

    She didst! At dem Krogers!! She buys two. Hers gonna dehydrates it and makes me and Barry tweats. Mommy! Anybunny must tells her how nots to mess dis up?
  18. Channahs

    That's It. He Sprayed Me...

    This morning while I was cleaning Barry's litterbox (he hates it when I steal his pewps) he jumped up in the air, twitched his butt and sprayed me all across my bare legs. Then he jumped in his box and blocked my access. I can't believe he did that. Never in my life!! We have such a super...
  19. Channahs

    Trying Not To Cry...

    Going on a 7 day trip to Vegas and packing up my Barry to go stay with my son while we're gone. Pretty much moving his room (including his humpty bear) over there. And Barry's just lounging on top of his condo clueless. :in tears:
  20. Channahs

    Rabbit Ration (Pellets) Please Advise

    I'm just full of questions today. Just a worry wart bunny mama wanting everything to be as it should be for my furbaby. I bought Barry from a eLop breeder. He was weaned and eating free choice "Prime Quality" Rabbit Grower Ration. This Ration comes in 16 or 18 percent protein. I am using...