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  1. Tiffany Warden

    14 day old kit

    How often do i need to feed a 14 day old kit. Mom and its foster mom stopped feeding it. Help please
  2. Tiffany Warden

    Baby rabbits

    So today i had a vet adopt one of my 11 week old babies because she is blind in one eye. So i have a second litter by the same mom and dad. They are 8 days old today so i asked to look at one of the babies because it wasn't drinking and wasnt as big as the other 7 babies. The interesting thing...
  3. Tiffany Warden

    How do i tell if a rabbit is show quality

    I have no clue as to how to determine if a rabbit is show quality
  4. Tiffany Warden

    Rabbit breeding

    I live in iowa so the temperature drastically changes. Today 12/27/18 it was raining and 50 degrees but normal the temperature is in the low 30's. Tomorrow is supposed to snow. Summer temperature is also drastic. Sometimes it is 60 degrees and sometimes it is over 100 degrees. This is the reason...
  5. Tiffany Warden

    Rabbit breeding

    Is it safe to breed rabbits during winter or wait till spring? Rabbits live outside
  6. Tiffany Warden

    7 year old female rabbit

    It was a super small head of cabbage that i gave her. I gave it to her because i was going to be gone two days. I also do have a homemade run for my rabbits but i need to fix it before any of my rabbits can run around in it
  7. Tiffany Warden

    Are most rabbit owners vegan?

    Im a meat eater and i own 6 rabbits
  8. Tiffany Warden

    7 year old female rabbit

    I do have two younger females who are only 3 months old they are mini rex i also have 3 males. 1 of which is 3 months old, the other 2 males are just over a year old. So I was just wondering about the oldest female. I know she is old i was just wondering if it was safe to breed her but i guess...
  9. Tiffany Warden

    7 year old female rabbit

    Her eyes are clear
  10. Tiffany Warden

    7 year old female rabbit

    I want at least one litter out of her.
  11. Tiffany Warden

    7 year old female rabbit

    She is losing around her eyes and near her forehead. Her eyes are clear.
  12. Tiffany Warden

    7 year old female rabbit

    I got a female rabbit who is over 7 years and 6 months old from an arl they did not spay her. How can anyone tell if she has had any litters before ? The arl had no information on weither or not she had babies before. She is also starting to lose her fur on her face. She lives outdoors with the...