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  1. kahlin

    Change in water consumption

    Just wanted to update that she's drinking nearly normal amounts now. :biggrin:
  2. kahlin

    Change in water consumption

    The vet used a black instrument to check out her back teeth. Zayne was not a fan. lol I do drench the veggies when I feed them, but you've reminded me to have my husband do it it (in case he isn't).
  3. kahlin

    Change in water consumption

    Thanks for the information. It didn't freak me out or very first bunny had malocclusion so it tends to be on my radar. I talked to our vet this morning, and it seems like the plan of action will be to continue monitoring and measuring water intake. She said that between actual...
  4. kahlin

    Change in water consumption

    She gets kale and romaine. We've increased this a tiny bit to get more water in. She seemed to drink a bit more last night. If it's a mouth issue, any ideas on what it might be?
  5. kahlin

    Change in water consumption

    We usually use bottled water because our town water has a strange smell. But maybe for variety sake I will offer her tap water. I tried mixing a tiny bit of apple pedialyte into her water and she was not interested. Thanks.
  6. kahlin

    Change in water consumption

    Thanks. Her teeth were checked, and appeared to be fine.
  7. kahlin

    Change in water consumption

    Hey there, I'm posting because my bunny, Zayne, has had a drastic change in her water intake. Zayne is 4 lb lop. She is about 3 years old. I don't know exactly what she used to drink, but I would say it was at least 350 mL per day (possibly more). This has been consistent for the past two...
  8. kahlin

    Help a rescue

    Sorry for not responding! I was sure I had notifications set, but it turns out I didn't. AmberNBuns- it's for Canadians only (unfortunately). But thanks for trying. :) We are fourth right now. 17 days (or so) left.
  9. kahlin

    Are rabbits gereally healthy?

    I have had seven bunnies in almost eight years. Right now we still have 3 of those. All of them had been at the vets for various issues, some more severe than others. The first two were chronic issues, the others not as much. In 2010, we likely spent at least $1,500 - 2,000 on our three...
  10. kahlin

    Natasha Rabbitova's first blog

    She's gorgeous.
  11. kahlin

    Abused and Hearing Impaired rabbit

    I've had three deaf bunnies. Lindor was the first, and she taught us a lot. We flicked a light before entering her space, and would blow on her before we touched her (if she was on the upper level of her condo). Both things worked very well. What worked the most was having other bunnies...
  12. kahlin

    Help a rescue

    Two of my (current) three bunnies came from Rabbit Rescue, Inc. Both bunnies were rescued after being 'released' in urban areas. It breaks my heart to think that my wonderful pets were discarded in this way....and it makes me thankful that rescues are out there to help such bunnies. So, I...
  13. kahlin

    Anyone going to Bunfest in Ontario, Canada?

    I was hoping to go....but it lands on our wedding anniversary so we have other plans. :(
  14. kahlin

    Owen Sound

    Too funny. I spent the last four years in North Bay and then moved to Owen Sound.
  15. kahlin

    Dr. Melody Frankenbunny

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I always loved to hear about her.
  16. kahlin

    We've got visitors...

    We've had some issues in the past few months as well. Lots of screaming all around. But worse was when a chipmunk came in with the bunny hay. Yes, chipmunks are cute. When they are OUTSIDE. Inside they are creepy. They move way faster than a mouse.
  17. kahlin

    What bedding do you use in your rabbits cage?

    I use Yesterday's News in the litterbox. And anything 'extra' depends on the bunny. At times, I don't have anything. At times, they get blankies. Right now, there is a sheet covering the floor. Zayne is better with digging/chewing/using the litterbox, so she gets a blankie. The other two do not.
  18. kahlin

    Life with bunny monsters

    It's strange how much can change in a year. At this time last year, I was at my mom's....celebrating a (rare) long weekend away with my husband and bunny family. At this time last year, that included Finley and Teagan. Teagan....she was my couch potato. She would sit for hours with me on the...
  19. kahlin

    Life with bunny monsters

    Zayne with Mr. Cow The three of them.... And Fin and J.Behr
  20. kahlin

    Life with bunny monsters

    All three bunnies are doing well. Zayne gave us a bit of a scare last week though. She stopped eating. I couldn't get in her into the recommended vet for 2-3 weeks...I told them to forget it because she'd be dead by then. I got her to another vet though, and I really didn't like what they did so...