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  1. Tiffany Warden

    14 day old kit

    How often do i need to feed a 14 day old kit. Mom and its foster mom stopped feeding it. Help please
  2. Tiffany Warden

    Baby rabbits

    So today i had a vet adopt one of my 11 week old babies because she is blind in one eye. So i have a second litter by the same mom and dad. They are 8 days old today so i asked to look at one of the babies because it wasn't drinking and wasnt as big as the other 7 babies. The interesting thing...
  3. Tiffany Warden

    How do i tell if a rabbit is show quality

    I have no clue as to how to determine if a rabbit is show quality
  4. Tiffany Warden

    Rabbit breeding

    Is it safe to breed rabbits during winter or wait till spring? Rabbits live outside
  5. Tiffany Warden

    7 year old female rabbit

    I got a female rabbit who is over 7 years and 6 months old from an arl they did not spay her. How can anyone tell if she has had any litters before ? The arl had no information on weither or not she had babies before. She is also starting to lose her fur on her face. She lives outdoors with the...