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  1. TinysMom

    Some color resources to help breeders This next one is almost a whole course in genetics with several links inside it:
  2. TinysMom

    Lionheads are now an ARBA BREED!!! It's OFFICIAL!

    As a former lionhead breeder, I'm doing the happy dance here. Lionheads passed at ARBA (tort and REW I think?) - so they are now an OFFICIAL BREED! WOO HOO!!!!
  3. TinysMom

    Just saying "hi" from SW Texas!

    Hi! Thought I'd take a moment to check in and say howdy. There are SO MANY new faces and names - of course it has been FOREVER since I've been here. We're still in Del Rio, TX - just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. Eric just got married in August (WOO HOO) - so I have the "hope"...
  4. TinysMom

    Pretty bad when you gotta go to a rabbit forum...for CAMERA advice!

    I need to get a new camera - for Art. I love my camera(s) - but Art would like one that he could take when he goes on his cross-country motorcycle trips when he has days off sometimes. He'll hear of really pretty routes and take off to see the scenery, etc. and often wishes he had a camera to...
  5. TinysMom

    Mom passed away

    For those who knew about mom a while back and her Alzheimer's, etc - she passed away yesterday morning at 4:20 am EST. I am in the process of flying to Maine for her funeral. In early May it was discovered that she had stage 3 lung cancer.... I'd write more but I'm in an airport right now...
  6. TinysMom

    R.I.P. and Binky Free NYX

    I really can't even type right now without falling I will simply state that Nyx passed away yesterday (Friday, June 8th). I will write more later when I can do so - and share photos. I am sorry I can't do more though....if Dave and Karen have some of her pictures when she was...
  7. TinysMom

    Binky Free Zeus Monster / Brat / Baby Boy

    I don't have time to go into detail now - but I guess I should update the forum about Zeus. We lost Zeus last week after a brief illness. I am currently in Northern Maine taking care of my dad - so Art & Robin were taking care of him (I won't be home till 7/14 at least it looks like). I will...
  8. TinysMom

    Prayers appreciated

    The time has come for mom to go into a nursing home (she's in one now) and Eric & I leave this weekend to drive up to Maine (from Texas) and clean out her apartment and then drive home. I'm dreading the trip as I hate driving...but thank God for a son who has always wanted to do a "road trip"...
  9. TinysMom

    2012 Texan Tales & Tails

    Hello! You can find last year's blog here. I debated about starting a new blog this year because I haven't been very active lately - but then I was reading back through my old blogs the other day and thinking about how glad I was that I had shared so many memories in them that I could enjoy...
  10. TinysMom

    To help us start to get into the mood for Christmas.....

    (After IS October now..).ts the Christmas Can-Can by "Straight No Chaser" (I know - I think its too early for Christmas music yet - but I just couldn't resist). ARG....can't get the flash link to work - but here it is..
  11. TinysMom

    Supernatural season 7 - what are you fans thinking of this season?

    Ok - as I type this - we've only had two episodes so far and both have been dark (although maybe funny in certain spots - like the reference to Obamacare in this last one and "Sam, this discussion does not warrant a firearms shot" (or something like that) from Dean. I knew they were changing...
  12. TinysMom

    Zeus had 3 (or so) mint chocolate cookies....danger?

    Zeus is a 6 year old New Zealand mix rabbit that weighs about 8 pounds. Family Dollar has these awesome mint chocolate cookies that taste just like the ones that the girl scouts sell - only for much cheaper. Zeus watched me have a couple last night (I have to eat something before taking some...
  13. TinysMom

    Supernatural fans - Season 6 came out on dvd today (9/13/11)

    Just curious if anyone else picked it up - I've ordered mine off Amazon and it should be here tomorrow. I can hardly wait.
  14. TinysMom

    Starting/Running a rescue - some questions

    First of all - this will probably NEVER EVER happen - because my husband would have to agree to it and at this point - our feed bills are expensive enough already. Also - I live in a small town and I don't know that there is much here for homes for rabbits - especially larger ones (we're right...
  15. TinysMom

    The Purpose of the Infirmary

    I'm writing this not nearly as much as a moderator as I am a long term member of this forum - but I hope that folks will still read and listen and consider what I'm saying. The purpose of the infirmary is to help people when they have health issues with their rabbits. We have moderators who...
  16. TinysMom

    Prayers requested for Zeus - dental/abscess surgery on Wednesday

    I thought about taking a picture and sharing it - but I'm not sure if I am up to it. Zeus had an abscessed tooth several weeks ago. The vet wanted to put him on antibiotics for 2 weeks before doing surgery - just to keep the infection from going into his blood stream (or at least have something...
  17. TinysMom

    Show us your dewlap! (Open to does & bucks)

    I know - bucks aren't supposed to have dewlaps...but you never know.... Anyway - thanks to Must_Love_Pets for the idea for this thread.
  18. TinysMom

    Stepping down/ Taking break from rabbitry moderating

    I am taking a break from moderating the rabbitry (and possibly stepping down - depends upon how things go). If there is a thread that needs moderating - please contact either Pipp or JadeIcing or another moderator and ask them to step in. If someone asks about baby bunnies that need formula -...
  19. TinysMom

    Game: Who's gonna kindle first? How many babies?

    There are no prizes...just the joy of guessing. I bred several does July 1st and I am at least 99% sure that three of them took. So we'll deal with those three. The does are: Harmony - has been a mama before - she spent the night with Dukey and didn't want to leave him the next day CJ -...
  20. TinysMom

    FUN: Who is going to shows in August? When? Where?

    If you're going to a show in August - share here! Any special hopes for this show? Who/what will you be showing?