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    A Warning

    A GOOD WARNING TO US ALL.. My brother and his wife learned a hard lesson this last week. Their house burned down...nothing left but ashes. They have good insurance, so the home will be replaced and most of the contents. That is the good news. However, they weresick when they found out the...
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    I didn't know anything about this till last nightwhen Taylor had to get my computer up and going again. Hedownloaded a program from the Right now, the announcements are driving me a bitnutty, but they disappear instantly when you click onthem.....unlike...
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    Big Mama's Kits

    She's only got the two kits who survived, butthey are fat little cusses. Their eyes just came opensometime yesterday. It is so funny as they trytofigure out what has happened to them! Big Mama is a pretty good-sized min Lop. Since it's warmweather, I bet the kit's ears will lop at a very young...
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    Okay, this did not happen to a rabbit.This happened with my 10.2 ounce baby boy skunk. Theexperts can tell if it would work on a rabbit. Last night, my little boy (not named yet...I like to see what kind ofpersonality, etc. shows up before I name) fell off of thetable. He has done this a couple...
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    people food

    This is about food...not for rabbits thistime. Does anyone else go to That ismy first stop every day. With two clicks on two differentpages, you can donate food without it costing you one singlepenny. We pamper our wonderful companions, but there arepeople in this world who have...