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  1. Niomi

    Electronic rat repellent harmful to my Rabbit?

    I used to have a big problem with mice. I sprinkled peppermint essential oil in the area and all of the mice left. I haven't tried it on rats, but it might be worth a try. I looked it up on Google, and the instructions say to mix it with water and spray the area, or put some drops on cotton...
  2. Niomi

    Bunny doesn't like being picked up

    This is my rabbit Downy. I use him for pet therapy. He doesn't like to be picked up. l have him hop into this adjustable cat bed and then he is fine with being picked up and held, as long as he can stay in the bed.
  3. Niomi


    Sometimes I use an emery board after trimming. It doesn't take much work to file the sharp spots off. I have tried an electric pet nail file (grinder), but I think using a nail cutter and an emery board is a lot easier.
  4. Niomi

    Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus type 2 In Arizona, Texas, and California

    This disease is not in my area yet. I am wondering what precautions need to be taken when buying hay? Can you still buy it from a farm?
  5. Niomi

    Frustrated First Time Bunny owner

    When litter box training, you could try her in a smaller space and not give her free range of the whole house. When she consistently uses the litter box, gradually increase the size of the free range area.
  6. Niomi

    Eye Problem

    If the problem started 6 months ago, I would think he would have stopped eating by now if the problem is his teeth. If your rabbit stops eating, he will need a dental as soon as possible. Since it is the weekend and you are not likely to see the vet again until next week, try cleaning up his...
  7. Niomi

    Eye Problem

    Get some eye wash from the drug store and flush his eye. You can also use artificial tears, but use the kind that come in single dose vials because they don't have preservatives. Be sure to take your bunny to the vet as soon as possible. If he gets worse while you are waiting for the vet, look...
  8. Niomi

    Agility, target, and clicker training

    If you are on Facebook, there is the site "TrickBun Spark Team" that teaches tricks and clicker training for rabbits. They motivate by giving rewards. I have two rabbits that I take to agility. We go to the Humane Society in Golden Valley. It is run by the Minnesota Companion Society. We...
  9. Niomi

    Eye Problem

    I have a rabbit that is 10 1/2 years old. He had watery eyes often. I have taken him to the vet, and she has flushed his eyes. That has not worked. My vet told me that it can be related to old age. I have noticed that the problem is a lot worse when he digs in his litter box. I changed his...
  10. Niomi

    Carrier setup?

    My rabbits seldom pee in their carrier when I take them someplace. If they do, it is not enough to soak the towel. They just make a little wet spot. I just use a towel or a baby blanket and give them a little hay. I too would avoid using pellets because of the mess it could leave. You can always...
  11. Niomi

    Best place to get hay?

    I buy my hay at a farm and garden store.
  12. Niomi

    Best place to get hay?

    I buy hay about that size and it weighs about 22 kg.
  13. Niomi

    In need of online vet consultations

    You can try dabbing apple cider vinegar on the mites. Mix one part acv with one part water. You will also need to clean the environment to get rid of the mites. If you are on Facebook, check it out for rabbit savvy vets. There is one site I found "Save Rabbits" that lists rabbit savvy vets in...
  14. Niomi

    Does anyone have interlocking floor mats for their buns living space? Looking for suggestions

    I use utility mats from Menards. They work great, but when they are new, they stink like rubber. I put mine in the garage for a couple of months to off gas before using them.
  15. Niomi

    Should I get bun a harness?

    I have a rabbit that hates the vest type because it has velcro. He hates the sound it make when you rip it apart.
  16. Niomi

    Could it be more than just dental disease?

    He could have spurs on his molars. Did your vet file his teeth? To keep his teeth in shape, he needs to eat hay. Critical care with not keep his teeth in shape. Neither will just pellets. If he doesn't eat hay, just know he is going to have to go through the dental stuff with the anesthesia at...
  17. Niomi

    How should I punish biting?

    Rabbits have a higher tolerance for pain than people do. They don't always need pain medication. I had a rabbit that was spayed and I had to confine her because she was running and jumping, and having a great time as soon as she got home. I was worried that she was going to rip her stitches out...
  18. Niomi

    What breed is my bunny

    Stevie looks like a Harlequin rabbit. Chester is a mixed breed. Just a couple of possibilities of what he could be mixed with, the white on the neck could be from a Dutch rabbit, and the silvering could be Silver Fox rabbit.
  19. Niomi

    Should I get bun a harness?

    Rabbits have different personalities. Jasminebunny wants to use a harnesses in a secure fenced in area before deciding what the rabbit needs. At least that is how it looks to me. She knows her situation, which may not resemble yours.
  20. Niomi

    Should I get bun a harness?

    I like your rabbit.She looks a little like my 10 year old.