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  1. GoinBackToCali

    Dachshund with raw bleeding ears

    I have a Doxie I got from the shelter. He has this recurring issue with the tips of his ears and where his ears bend on the top becoming bloody messes. He scratches them raw and bleeds everywhere. We take him to the vet, he gets 2 being a hydrocortisone the other some sort of...
  2. GoinBackToCali

    My life is as blurry as most of my pics..

    I think I have been here for almost 3 years now. I tend to wander off, disappearing for months on end, and turn up when people least expect me.. I can be hotheaded, passionate, and yes.. an asshole..But those that know me and accept me for who I am, know that I am a fiercely loyal friend..and...
  3. GoinBackToCali

    Flat Stanley.. HOLY HECK!

    Many of the teams kids go to school together, and we all got the Flat Stanley Project.. Mine went to cool places.. Look who Our Cha Cha Crush's kids Flat Stanley got to meet!! When he comes back..Stanley that is.. I am going to kiss him.. SAM FRIKKIN WORTHINGTON!!!
  4. GoinBackToCali

    Please keep our Ref and League Secre-Terry in your thoughts..

    By now many of you all have heard of the oil rig ,The TransOcean Deepwater Horizon,that sank in the Gulf..and the subsequent oil leak that is threatening the coast and natural wetlands and animals.. It also went down with 11 men lost aboard.. which they will never be found, as from what I am...
  5. GoinBackToCali

    Can I get objective opinions?

    I had to terminate a skater, and the backlash with 2 others has been horrendous, it was expected as they are her buddies. But I feel like a massive jerk about it, getting rid of someone you actually like but can't follow rules is never an easy task. I won't tell you all the back story...until...
  6. GoinBackToCali

    When good news evil streak comes out..

    So this huge warehouse nightclub just across the state line called US...they heard all the buzz about us..and our booty shorts..and Princess Slaya's scrap... So they want us to play there. They have a huge monster dance floor and a bullriding arena. But their dance floor most likely is too...
  7. GoinBackToCali

    First Bout=Bamboozled

    Well.. it was a fantastic learning experience at the very least, showed us exactly what we needed to work on before we face Houston.. We were told they were gonna send us their Fresh Meat and a few vets so we would be evenly matched, they sent us their all stars. Yeah.. they kicked our butts...
  8. GoinBackToCali

    First Bout/Scrimmage Impromptu Flyer

    So we have our first scrimmage next Sunday against a team outta Houston, 2.5 hours away. We are a broke as a joke start up league, so we couldn't afford a real graphic artist to make us a bout poster just yet, so I made ours on a simple program I already had. It's nothing fancy...but im kinda...
  9. GoinBackToCali

    Funny pic/embarrassing/funny story..

    I ate with my son's at an Asian Buffet tonight, and they usually have these etched glass partitions with cute scenes of animals on them...well here anyway. The one nearest us was suppose to be a depiction of the tortoise and the hare race.. Here's the pic of the hare.. My youngest son, who...
  10. GoinBackToCali


    So, as many people know, and have been emailing and PM'ing me to ask me how goes it in respect to this.. I thought I would just make a general post... I left my other team..Actually I was terminated. I will provide you with a link to the story,as I blog for a worldwide rollerderby forum...
  11. GoinBackToCali

    Lady who makes derby jewelry has a bunny necklace now.

    I want.. it's pretty unique..!/photo.php?pid=3582161&id=190160062954
  12. GoinBackToCali

    James Cameron's Avatar

    I found this while web's not like the one on MySpace where you have to sign up for it..and you get spammed and you have to install stuff.. it's absolutely free.. It made me laugh..
  13. GoinBackToCali

    Elderly Cat Question Post Op

    My 10 year old rescue cat Kobe went in Monday to have his two bottom "pointy teeth" as my son calls 'em removed. At his previous home his jaw had been broken and they were actually growing up into his upper palate and affecting his ability to eat. When I brought him home Monday evening he slept...
  14. GoinBackToCali

    New ink tonight..among other things..

    Went red today.. not bright fire engine red, but auburn that was a change... But tonight I am going to see my fav ink guy for a tatt to commemorate a very painful lesson I learned in the last 3 weeks. I have mentioned before that Derby cost me alot of of them being a...
  15. GoinBackToCali

    Not an appropriate text..

    But Kanye deserves what he gets, The reason I feel it's inappropriate is because it to an extent disrespects MJ and Patrick Swayze.. But this is what I got.. "Kanye West just interrupted Patrick Swayze's funeral to let everyone know that Micheal Jackson had the best funeral of all time...OF...
  16. GoinBackToCali

    New Rollergirls Myspace and Facebook up..

    Go.. now.. It's and we're on Facebook under Gulf Coast RollerGirls. I had to throw together some halfbaked logo till we get our real one in.. so don't laugh at it.. we just wanted to get things up and going..
  17. GoinBackToCali

    3 legged bunny....

    I posted several months back about the show Cali who had the severely broken leg, and ended up with me. Russell ended up putting some some rods and pins in, but I think due to the severity of the break, and where it was, it just never healed right, and we were constantly having to monitor it...
  18. GoinBackToCali

    New Facebook for me..

    It's not new.. but I dissappeared off everyone's a few months back.. I just basically made a new one immediately, but never re added everyone.. It had alot to do with being private due to the skate You can find me under IrishDerbyGirl or Carroll Marie Miller I would love to see you...
  19. GoinBackToCali

    Open apology..

    I got a few emails, and PM' I thought I would answer them here, and as well offer up an explanation for my behavior. In one of my recent posts, I said Derby cost me alot. More than you'll ever know. It has.. What might you ask? Before I dive into all that, let me say a few positive...
  20. GoinBackToCali

    Wrecked truck..

    But I couldn't find the thread.. Back in May, I was going to The Vette's concert, had a green light and proceeded. A sherriff's deputy did not properly clear the intersection, rolled on through and I hit him. I had 6K worth of damage. So this is what my truck was suppose to look like...