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  1. Haley

    Finally..A Tribute to Max

    As some of you know, I lost Max on the morning of January 3rd of this year. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. He and Basil were my first two bunnies and my heart boys, with me through 8 years of my life. Basil passed away on July 15th so to lose his best friend almost 6 months...
  2. Haley

    Hops for Hope 2011

    Hi all! :big kiss: I dont get to post often but this rescue is very near and dear to me so I thought I should pass along info on their annual fundraiser, Hops for Hope. Midwest Rabbit Rescue is located in Plymouth, MI and home to over 100 rescued rabbits. They have personally helped me out...
  3. Haley

    Prayers for Max please

    Hi all Just wanted to write and ask for prayers and good thoughts for my Max. He had been sneezing again so I took him in to have his teeth checked again. Turns out he had yet another abscess at the base of a molar. Brought him in today for surgery to have the tooth extracted and three molars...
  4. Haley

    Rest in Peace, Basil

    Basil passed away in my arms this morning. I will write more later. He was my first rabbit and the reason I have saved so many others. He was really my whole world. My heart is just breaking. :bigtears:
  5. Haley

    Another Transport: MI to PA (RESOLVED)

    Hi all Im mostly putting this here for my own reference, but Im trying to help Christine with Critter Cafe Rescue in Muskegon, MI get a bun to her new home in Mt. Bethel, PA. I ran a similar transport from MI to Lancaster, PA (and eventually CT) last February. The bun's name was Bronwyn. Im...
  6. Haley


    Hi all! So Im trying to help Midwest organize the transport of two neutered male rabbits from Vienna, WV to the shelter in Plymouth, MI. Here's what I have so far: EDITED TO UPDATE: 1. Vienna, WV to Cambridge, OH (1 hr) FILLED BY SHERRI 2. Cambridge, OH to Akron, OH (1 hr 25 mins)...
  7. Haley


    Im putting a thread here and will be sending out PMs to people I hope will help these two little bunnies! They are currently residing with Christine in Muskegon but need to get to their new home in NH. Their new owner is willing to drive to near Albany, NY. The total transport time is about 15...
  8. Haley

    Another Tooth Abscess...

    As many of you remember I have had more than my share of experience with abscesses. Max had a horrible tooth root abscess a few years back that almost took his life. Basil also had one removed from his cheek a few years back. All in all I have spent at least 2k on vet dentistry between the two...
  9. Haley

    Help Save a Bunny this Week!

    NorthernAutumn found this info and thought it would be helpful if we all took a moment to contact our local papers (through letters to the editor) and/or posted on some online classified sites where people buy/sell rabbits such as craigslist and kijili. RO's official policy is that we are not...
  10. Haley

    Rabbit Books Pirated

    Just received this email. Thought I would share in case anyone comes across these books being available on the net... > Hello Everyone - > > This last week I learned that "When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care" and "A House Rabbit Primer" had been pirated and were being offered as free...
  11. Haley

    RESOLVED: Transport MI to PA

    Im putting out feelers to see if anyone would be willing to help with a transport near the end of the month. Midwest has a potential adopter who lives in CT, but her brother is coming to Lancaster, PA the last week of February and would be willing to meet someone to transport the bunny back to...
  12. Haley

    RESOLVED! (IA) 2 Bunnies Need Homes- Iraq Deployment

    I received an email today- this woman lives near Cedar Rapids, IA and is being deployed 2/15/09. She has two female rabbits who need homes while she is deployed to Iraq. I assume they are trying to find them permanent homes but even a foster home would help so much. Im not sure if...
  13. Haley

    No more Papaya Tablets?!

    So the search function isnt working on the forum but I assume there have been other threads on this that I missed? Have I been living under a rock? I went to order some more Oxbow Papaya Tablets today and was shocked to hear they have been discontinued?! Apparently Oxbow is coming out with...
  14. Haley

    Help Needed in Des Moines, IA

    Seems like there arent a lot of bunny folks out in IA but just in case: “The Animal Rescue League of Iowa in [/font]]Des Moines is seeking help in placing 14 rabbits from two confiscation events. We have rehomed 17 but help is needed to rehome the rest. These are rabbits originally bred...
  15. Haley

    Bunny and Cat Video- so cute!

    I dont know if this has been posted but I saw it on another group and just had to share: Isnt that just precious?!
  16. Haley

    Bunny Ornaments- Help Midwest Rabbit Rescue

    Looking for a cool bunny ornament for your Christmas tree this year? Check out For every holiday ornament sold,TheBunny Storewill donate 10%oftheornamentpriceto the rescue/shelter of your choice. Upon checkout, please indicatethe rescue/shelter...
  17. Haley

    I have another rescue bun *sigh*

    I took in a beautiful little broken black lionhead girl last night. Its a long story but I'll just say Ithought she would be better off with me than in her former home. :( I got her home and she has some fleas on her so Im keeping her quarantined and treating her with revolution. Shes so...
  18. Haley

    Kleenmama now has 2nd cut Timothy

    For anyone patiently waiting for more timothy hay, now has their second cut timothy hay available to order. Ive been feeding Bluegrass hay for months since they have been out of timothy. The buns dont seem to mind, but I like feeding a mix of the two. Just thought Id give...
  19. Haley

    Some more good news-Nigel found a home!

    I just have to share- Nigel (the young dutch boy who I have been fostering for a year) found a home today! A girl I know from another rabbit group just moved to the area and brought her girl bunny. Her girl recently lost her sister and has been lonely. I was worried because Nigel has viciously...