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  1. Joyce Guardado

    Petco is selling bunny meat based dog treats

    This is true but most people don’t have cuddly cows as pets
  2. Joyce Guardado

    Petco is selling bunny meat based dog treats

    i was horrified to find bunny meat based dog treats in petco I will never shop there again. That would be like selling cat meat based dog treats. And it was right across from the bunny aisle
  3. Joyce Guardado

    HELP!! Black dot on skin w/ baldness

    Thank you popsicles. I didn’t understand a good portion of the reply especially regarding the leaf etc...
  4. Joyce Guardado

    HELP!! Black dot on skin w/ baldness

    A problem with a leaf has no relavance to that of a bunny. Bunnies get tumors and cancer. Any wound on a bunny could become very serious, bunnies don’t manifest skin issues from a person that’s ill. Everyone wants to help and obviously you do too The best advice is to see a vet tumors are just...
  5. Joyce Guardado

    HELP!! Black dot on skin w/ baldness

    I had a bunny with a pink lump that grew took the bunny to the vet and it was cancerous luckily they were able to remove the entire thing and in the life of the bunny it never grew back. So you just never know anything strange should be checked by the vet
  6. Joyce Guardado

    Sudden Bunny Death

    Bunnies have to be watched carefully that they are all eating. A bunny can pass within 24 hours of not eating and there can be several causes such as bloat, EC and other digestive issues.
  7. Joyce Guardado

    Starting to actually hate my bunny.

    Spaying should make a huge difference as well as the playpen. One of my bunnies chewed the cable wire and knocked out the WiFi to the entire street. I rescued a beautiful bunny who nips me a lot I am trying to train her out of it. Bunnies take some patience but the rewards can be great.
  8. Joyce Guardado

    My rabbit is acting really wierd. HELP!

    There is either something in the wall or he could be having small seizures I would take him for a vet check. Bunnies hearing is incredible and my bunnies stomped like crazy one night, there was a prowler outside
  9. Joyce Guardado

    Bunny digging in litter box

    There is one huge thing a lot of people don’t realize ; though we see our bunnies awake during the day they are most active at night because they are nocturnal. After your bunny is fixed she might not dig, though digging is one of her natural habits . Whenever I clean one of my bunnies areas...
  10. Joyce Guardado

    Less messy litter

    I use old newspapers in the bottom of litter with fresh hay on top If changed everyday there is no smell and it’s a quick process for 3 bunnies I get over half a bale of hay a month at a cost of $10 Newspapers are free from stores who have leftovers that didn’t sell
  11. Joyce Guardado

    Why did you choose a rabbit as a pet? What you love?

    So Beautifully put, and exactly why I love my bunnies so much!
  12. Joyce Guardado

    Getting female spayed to bond with intact buck, what to consider?

    You should definitely wait for a while until she is completely healed Introduce them slowly if there is any chasing you can put them in a small carrier take them for a ride so they reach out to each other for comfort slowly increasing the size of their area until they are fully bonded It. An...
  13. Joyce Guardado

    Is my rabbit pregnant?

    I would definitely bring her to a vet usually exotic vets have more knowledge about rabbits I would also get them fixed there are so many bunnies in rescues that never get a home. Plus your bunnies are more likely to get several different kinds of cancer
  14. Joyce Guardado

    How do I get rid of the smell!!?

    Angry orange is sold on amazon you would never know I had rabbits
  15. Joyce Guardado

    Pain relief for baby bunny.

    Bunnies are not given aspirin for pain they are given Metacam you could seriously endanger your bunnies liver. Any injury should be taken to a vet because these even small injuries become infected quickly and can make your bunny very sick or cause death.
  16. Joyce Guardado

    Fur mites or..? *pics*

    It’s often fur mites and sometimes you can’t see them my bunny got them from hay. Our hay is fresh from the farm and they can often have all kinds of things Even snakes or snake skin Hope this helps
  17. Joyce Guardado

    How do I get rid of the smell!!?

    To clean I use pet friendly angry orange sold on amazon a little goes along way and the crisp orange smell stays for a day or 2 Bunny litter boxes should be cleaned daily or every other day. And that way the smells won’t build up Plus have a well ventilated area. I only use newspaper and fresh...
  18. Joyce Guardado

    Vet couldn’t guess Breed

    Your bunny looks like he has a lot of the Rex breed in him
  19. Joyce Guardado

    Blue-Eyed Rabbit

    Yes they can I have a black dwarf bunny white nose and beautiful blue yes