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  1. Bellamy+Lilah

    Allergic to hay?

    I'm allergic to Timothy Hay also but I must not be as bad as you are. I used to replenish their hay right before going to bed wearing my pajamas. When I would go to bed I literally could barely breathe and this went on for a really long time before I figured it out. I thought I had developed...
  2. Bellamy+Lilah

    How many people feel rabbits are high maintenance?

    I felt like my rabbits were high maintenance when I first got them mainly because I had so much to learn. Now that I've had 2 years experience taking care of them and a daily routine, it's like no big deal at all to me now. I don't really consider it a chore to clean their poo boxes or look...
  3. Bellamy+Lilah

    Anyone have a rabbit that is NOT spayed/neutered, and HAPPY the way they are?

    I have a neutered male and an unspayed femlae who have been living together very happily and peacefully since I put them together over 9 months ago. No problems whatsoever. No aggression toward me or her mate. She is 1 and a half years old. She will pull her fur out and make a nest sometimes...
  4. Bellamy+Lilah

    Unsure if rabbit is pregnant

    Theis was her set up when she had babies in her hutch.
  5. Bellamy+Lilah

    Unsure if rabbit is pregnant

    My female rabbit lost her first babies, which is not uncommon she had 4 that were not fully formed. I believe it was just because it was her first litter. We also didn't know for sure if she was or not, she just looked a tiny bit bigger. She became pregnant again. She was visibly larger and you...
  6. Bellamy+Lilah

    Female rabbit making noises???

    My female bunny has been making "peep" noises and she has never done this before. She is not spayed and just turned 1 year old. Is this because it's cold outside? I heard her do it the first time yesterday but is doing it more today. It almost sounds like baby puppy noises. Other than the...
  7. Bellamy+Lilah

    Why did you choose a rabbit as a pet? What you love?

    I always had cats growing up then my mom got diagnosed with cancer and I had to get rid of my cat because we couldn't afford for her to get scratched and get an infection. I went for a couple years without a pet a really missed having one and started looking at pet pictures online and came...
  8. Bellamy+Lilah

    Rabbit is unwell, advice on why she’s ill?

    I would like to interject some perspective, 24 hour emergency vets are not available within a 100 mile radius to every person.
  9. Bellamy+Lilah

    Hormones after neuter...

    How long did it take for your male bunny's hormones to fully dissipate after having him neutered?
  10. Bellamy+Lilah

    Signs of broken bones...?

    Thank you so much! :)
  11. Bellamy+Lilah

    Signs of broken bones...?

    I do check them over at the end of each bonding session because they have jerked out some wads of fur a few times so far but that's it. I put my hand between them if I feel like one of them might be getting it's teeth too close to the other's face or privates. My worry was bones because I can...
  12. Bellamy+Lilah

    Signs of broken bones...?

    If a bunny accidentally gets injured somehow like fractures or breaks a bone, are they typically really good at hiding that? Like, how would you be able to tell if something was wrong with them? I understand bunnies are often good at hiding their discomforts or illnesses, I was just wondering...
  13. Bellamy+Lilah

    Snuggle pee pee

    Maybe he was just holding it too long and had an accident..?[emoji848] Territory marking, in my experience, is when they do this little butt twerk and pee flings on everything like a sprinkler. My girl bun peed on me on her first car ride home. For her I think it was a combination of scared...
  14. Bellamy+Lilah

    Winterizing water bottles/dishes advice

    Putting a thick sock (or several thick socks) on a water bottle helps them not freeze up. I replenish warm water in them 2-3 times a day when its freezing or below freezing out.
  15. Bellamy+Lilah

    Bedding type?

    Also I just want to note that while straw does help keep them warm, my buns also eat their straw up like a freight train so I have to keep replenishing it all the time lol
  16. Bellamy+Lilah

    Bedding type?

    I use straw and put a blanket in with them and you can get a cheap heat lamp (like from Lowe's) and I clamp the heat lamp outside the cage pointed in through the wire so they can't get burned on it or somehow catch the straw on fire by accident or chew on the electric cord...
  17. Bellamy+Lilah

    Sudden death in rabbits

    Girl, I can relate totally. [emoji20] You're not the only one.
  18. Bellamy+Lilah

    What breed is my bunny?

    Thank you so much!!! And I would change to section if I knew how, sorry bout that. :/ What section should it have been posted in?
  19. Bellamy+Lilah

    What breed is my bunny?

    Awww thank you!! [emoji4]
  20. Bellamy+Lilah

    What breed is my bunny?

    She is 1 year old and weighs between 10-12 lbs. She has always been a super calm, sweet and chill bunny. She loves to be petted more than anything.