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  1. wildflower3

    SO Happy With Pet Supplies Plus!

    I've never seen ANY animals at the one near me, but it's the only location I've been to. We also have Tomlinsons and we got our original bunnies there (15 years ago), but every other location of Tomlinsons I've been to in my city does NOT have any animals (and barely any small animal...
  2. wildflower3

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    My rabbit is similar - she really doesn't care about store-bought houses, especially soft ones or cat beds. Cardboard boxes are her favorite! She likes to remodel them and make the doors bigger, then create new doors... Kenna is indoor free roam currently in my loft but I'll be moving in with...
  3. wildflower3

    Senior Buns

    No medication presently. The vet gave her a shot and gave me some liquid meds to try for a week or so last time we went but I didn't really see any noticeable difference in her - she may need a higher dose or something. Granted, it's hard since I'm also gone from 6:30 am til 5 pm during the...
  4. wildflower3

    How do you celebrate Christmas?

    My parents host a party every year a couple days beforehand, so I always help out a bit with that and dress up for it. On Christmas Eve, my parents always go to church in the evening - I'm not religious but usually go just as a kind way to support them. Past couple years I have been spending...
  5. wildflower3

    Why is it so hard prioritizing on what to spend

    Hope everything turned out okay! Deciding what to spend your money on can be hard at any age. Make sure you write a list of the things you pay every month. Your bills, rabbit insurance, their food, etc. Add in some extra for those other things like the train tickets and other 'regular' things...
  6. wildflower3

    Senior Buns

    Anyone else have a senior rabbit? Pretty much every resource I've ever seen has put the lifespan of domestic rabbit breeds around 10-12 years old. My Kenna is turning 12 in July of 2020 and has developed arthritis/joint fusion starting about six to seven months ago. I've definitely seen it...
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