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  1. Momma Luvbun

    HELP! Rabbit is having sneezing fit with mucous

    Please be very careful. My last bunny was my happy and she began doing that (sneezing) but without any mucus. This too was about 2 months after vaccine. She began to get slow and imobile in her front legs and held her nose way up in the air as if she couldn't breathe. This began and ended in...
  2. Momma Luvbun

    Foraging my yard, need assistance

    It is called "heal-all" here in BC, Canada. The indigenous use them in their medicine and don't have any stingers on the leaves or stems. Regardless, I can't find anything about it for bunnies.
  3. Momma Luvbun

    Foraging my yard, need assistance

    Ps. Does anyone else de-thorne their buns blackberry leaves? I do because I know how soft those tiny little licker's are, and I'd hate for them to get cut up. So I just take them off 🤷
  4. Momma Luvbun

    Foraging my yard, need assistance

    Good day to all. I usually go into my yard to grab the buns a handful of greens & flowers to munch and forage throughout the house and I have a lot of heal-all (photo'd) growing. Is this a bunny safe green? I know it's great for humans, but I can't find anything regarding bunny consumption...
  5. Momma Luvbun

    Rabbit peeing on bed

    It could be a territory thing. My last girl used the pee on my x every time she could. Literally jump up, be all cute and cuddly looking then he'd squeel and get up with a wet spot on his leg 🤣 I took it as my girl telling him that I belonged to her and my x was not welcome to take any of my...
  6. Momma Luvbun

    Another poopy butt question, though a bit different than others...

    My doublemain lionhead gets this issue. I found it is a couple of issues for him. I also have a lop that began to get dirty and I found getting talon pellets for the litterbox helped. The lionhead on the other hand has had a hard time with intermittent soft ceceltopes. He doesn't eat them...