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  1. Thumperina

    How long coccidia spores stay contagious?

    I used to have pet bunnies, who had access to my backyard, who passed away almost 2 years ago (it's a long story, some may remember me but its been awhile) We suspected coccidia as a cause of their illness. Right now, I see a wild bunny visiting my backyard. Would this bunny be in danger of...
  2. Thumperina

    Loose rabbit in the park

    2 days ago i saw this bunny in the huge park by the sidewalk. I had no doubt it was a domesticated, probably dumped rabbit. I decided to see if i can get his trust and catch him. Yesterday i brought romane lettuce and banana, i had it in my hand and he immediately started to come towards me. He...
  3. Thumperina

    Loose rabbit in friend's yard

    A week ago a friend sent me a text and a picture of a domesticated rabbit she spotted in her yard. I gave her some suggestions of what to offer and so on. The next morning I texted her for update and she replied the rabbit was gone and she hasnt seen her since. Then a week after, yesterday, she...
  4. Thumperina

    House cleaning after infectious disease

    We don't know what kind of infection my bunny had, something in his guts. I have no more bunnies left so there is no threat to infect a rabbit. However, I have a flock of parrots that live on the different level in the house. But we walk here and there barefoot Any tips on cleaning/...
  5. Thumperina

    Fever 106F

    And no vet available... What could it be? Trying to get to the vet...
  6. Thumperina

    Best hay recommendation for this particular moment in US ?

    I know that hay quality depends on the time of the year and many other factors. I am confused... at this particular moment - what should I try? anybody got their favorite hay just recently and can recommend? I am in US, thanks PS my rabbits doesn't eat hay well... so we need something yummy
  7. Thumperina

    Sub-q fluids

    All of a sudden, my A-line is full of visible tiny bubbles... I am not speaking about a new un-primed line. It has less than half a bag left. I tried to run fluid into a cup to see if bubbles disappear, but they didn't . Is it still safe to use for my pet? What happened earlier is that when I...
  8. Thumperina

    Best gut motility drugs?

    Which are the best in your opinion? (preferably among those available in US) thanks!
  9. Thumperina

    A question for outdoor bunny owners

    My bunnies used to be outdoors most of the day (weather permitting), coming inside for the night. Despite huge propaganda against keeping pet rabbits outdoors, I admit there are lots of benefits when they are in a natural environment. (it's not even a question for me that sunshine, etc is good...
  10. Thumperina

    How to find a rescue/sanctuary for a special need bun?

    I checked some places (rescues) online and they all say that they don't accept surrender rabbits. Mostly they say they pull out rabbits from shelters, death row and so on. They say that owners need to find another home themselves. I have a special need bunny, taking care of him becomes very...
  11. Thumperina

    No veggies at all ???

    Stasis and poopy butt... what foods increase your rabbits risk? Why do all of these foods increase the risk for stasis and other digestive problems like poopy butt? 1. The more of these foods that your rabbit eats the less hay they eat - hay prevents digestive problems. 2. These foods ferment...
  12. Thumperina

    How to prevent overgrown teeth?

    What do you give your bunnies to prevent overgrown teeth?
  13. Thumperina

    My sick bun

    Paul is approx 5 yo and overweight. About a month ago I took for him to the vet as he wasn't eating. The vet did blood work (CBC didn't work for some reasons -- he wanted us to come back to do it later) his bio chemistry looked OK. The vet prescribed Reglan for motility (anybody familiar with...
  14. Thumperina

    Anydody successfully turned a never-drinking-bun into a water drinking bun?

    I know there is a bunch of theories on how to get it done... I am wondering what techniques worked for your bunny. With hot season finally here (I hate it!), its very crucial for my rabbits. Thanks!
  15. Thumperina

    Another bun of mine seems sick

    Some of you remember about my rabbit Thumperina who was supposedly diagnosed with cancer about a month ago. By the way, she seems to be doing fine! pooping great, moving wonderfully, and has all the interest in life. Another rabbit that I have is a neutered male who is overweight. When...
  16. Thumperina

    How to make mixture for syringe feeding?

    I will be out of critical care for a day or two (expecting my Amazon order to arrive) How can I make my own mixture for syringe feeding? I have Oxbow adult rabbit food (pellets) thanks
  17. Thumperina

    Anybody grows grass indoors?

    my buns don't eat hay, and green grass outside dies before wintertime. I was wondering if anybody has experience growing fresh grass for their buns indoors or maybe indoors/outdoors in a pot
  18. Thumperina

    Something is possible happening ?

    Not long ago I lost one of my rabbits, FooFoo, there is a thread about her. Now I am down to two rabbits, a male and a female (5 and 5.5 yo) They spend their day in the yard and go inside for the night. If the weather is not good, like wet or too cold and windy, Paul (the male) may not want...
  19. Thumperina

    FooFoo's behavior is concerning

    She is 5 yo unspayed female. Never been sick in her life. I can't understand if her behavior is due to being in heat or if she got sick. She eats very little, refusing her favorite snacks. For example I offer raisins that she loves, she takes a few and then just doesn't take another one. Or...
  20. Thumperina

    Is 2nd cut Timothy harvested at a certain time?

    In the middle of July I bought a large box of hay from the company that has very good reviews. Never bought from them before, I bought the second cutting. My buns ignore it, but what is more of a surprise is that I wasn't impressed at all when I first opened the box.. I was expecting at least...