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  1. naturestee

    Possible stasis- good thoughts please

    I know I'm hardly on any more, but I could use some good thoughts for my old man Loki. I came home from a week-long vacation and he is not eating. I don't know when he stopped. A 13-year-old neighbor girl was pet sitting for us but judging from the fact she didn't notice the cats pooping outside...
  2. naturestee

    Over the counter fungal cream?

    Guinness has ringworm again and the vet didn't have the oral antifungal in stock. Topical ointments are the other option and she though over-the-counter ones should be as safe as buying one specifically meant for vet use. I'm having trouble finding info on the safety of them for rabbits, though...
  3. naturestee

    Promising research on Clostridium!

    This was really interesting to me because I nursed Dora through a C. diff infection when she was a tiny orphan baby (her sibling had quickly succombed to it). This treatment could be really useful for our rabbits with their sensitive digestive systems. (FYI- that fecal transplantation therapy...
  4. naturestee

    Need some good thoughts for Dora RESOLVED

    Apparently this is a bad week for my buns (and my checkbook!). A few days ago I noticed that Dora was getting skinny. I thought it was just because she was shedding, because she often gets a little more skinny during a shed. Yesterday I realized she was super-scary skinny, and in addition had...
  5. naturestee

    Loki's Mystery Illness: Likely Bone Marrow Cancer

    I brought Loki and his wifebun Mocha in today because someone is drinking/peeing more. They were also about due for a dental check, as both get molar spurs. I also noticed yesterday that Loki is a little thin. I suspected he was the one drinking/peeing more and I was concerned about kidney...
  6. naturestee

    Rabbit board game

    I am really into nontraditional board/card games. Look what I just found on BoardGameGeek: It's about a controlling a colony of wild rabbits and helping them survive through the seasons. WAAAAAAANNNNNTTTT! Made by a small American company...
  7. naturestee

    I know what Dora's temporary head tilt is!

    I'm just posting this because I know a few of you will be interested. My rabbit, Dora, has had on-and-off head tilt since she fell on her head as a baby. The tilt only shows up when she is very hyper. I don't see it nearly as often now, it seems to have tapered off after about 1 year of age. She...
  8. naturestee

    Loki has a lump

    I was petting Loki today and I found a really big lump on his hip. It's approximately 1 cm in diameter and sticks out almost as far. I don't think I felt anything under his skin. It doesn't seem to be pussy or feel like the other few abscesses I've felt. Also, it's bloody because either Loki is...
  9. naturestee

    Mafia Wars on Facebook

    My hubby got me into Mafia Wars a few days ago and I'm hooked! Who else plays? I even started adding a few random people from the Mafia Wars forum, but then I realized that rabbit people would be way more cool. I'm sure I'd rather see your status updates! I had been playing Facebook games...
  10. naturestee


    My darling Fey died in the arms of me and my husband yesterday. She had been very sick since Saturday with what appeared to be acute organ failure. She was about six and a half years old. Fey was with me for nearly five years. I adopted Fey and her sister Sprite through a newspaper ad. They had...
  11. naturestee

    Fey- extreme sudden weight loss- RIP

    Fey is very very sick. I didn't expect her to last the night but she did. The emergency vets in a several hour radius are worthless for rabbits, but if she lasts that long I'll bring her into my rabbit savvy vet ASAP tomorrow morning. History: 6.5 year old Dwarf Hotot with megacolon, bonded...
  12. naturestee

    Reminder: Check meds before using!!!

    Just a reminder for those of us that keep meds on hand, always inspect everything before use! I opened up a bottle of simethicone today. I had used it once before a few months ago and the expiration date was October 2010. The inside of the cap had a black mold or bacteria culture growing in...
  13. naturestee

    Donations needed for seized rabbits in Wisconsin

    Like the title says, a large number of animals were seized including 133 rabbits in central Wisconsin. The Adams County Humane Society is small and overwhelmed. They need monetary donations for vet care as well as large amounts of basic necessities like food and cleaning supplies...
  14. naturestee

    Blue Silver Fox?

    How common are blue Silver Fox? We just got one in at the Humane Society this weekend. It came from a 4H kid who didn't want to take care of it any more, and it even has a pedigree from a local breeder. I've seen black Silver Foxes at the 4H show at the fair, but never blues before. He's a...
  15. naturestee

    I have officially lost my mind

    I'm getting another rabbit! Some of you may have seen her before in Bluefrog's rescue postings. She's already been taken off of Petfinder and I didn't save the picture, oops! Anyway, her name is Guinness and she's a Tan from the rescue Catnap From the Heart in Chicago. That's where I got my...
  16. naturestee

    UK/Ireland flooding I have no idea if we have members in the flood area. Anyone know? I hope everyone and their pets are ok!
  17. naturestee

    Guess who flopped in my lap?

    None of my buns has ever flopped in my lap before. Guess who just did? Drumroll please... Dora!:inlove: She usually prefers to sit on the sofa arm for petting (and sits very upright, like a posing show bunny), but today while I was rubbing her ears she slid down into my lap and flopped! She...
  18. naturestee

    I adopted a gerbil!

    This is Copper, my newly adopted gerbil. Yes, he has no tail. He came in to the shelter with a large breeding group and his tail was horribly mangled. He was separated for treatment and healing, which is why he's a singleton. The entire group was taken in by a rescue in the nick of time. Copper...
  19. naturestee

    Resolved: Standard rex mix trio- Sheboygan WI

    There is a trio of female, 5 year old standard rex mixes (normal fur, standard rex shape and size) at the Sheboygan Humane Society that really need a home. We aren't overcrowded for the first time in over a year, but it's hard to adopt out pairs without breaking them up, much less a trio. The...
  20. naturestee

    I got laid off

    ... that about sums it up.