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  1. tonyshuman

    Moving to NC--need rental advice

    I will be moving to the research triangle area and I would like to know what kind of attitudes I may encounter from landlords with regards to rabbits. For instance, will a property that typically allows dogs and/or cats also usually allow rabbits? In Madison, they are thought of like cats--you...
  2. tonyshuman


    I have some experience with this as my Benjamin suffered from the condition. Here are some x-rays showing the enlarged area near his heart, when we first diagnosed his thymoma.
  3. tonyshuman

    Benjamin Bunny Jan 2008-Aug 22, 2011

    I know I do not post a lot on here anymore but I wanted to post that our lovely Benjamin has passed away. He had a thymoma, a cancer of the thymus gland, which is located near the heart. We noticed that something was wrong around a year ago, when he would sneeze many times in a row. After a...
  4. tonyshuman

    no longer URGENT: Ivermectin sensitivity/overdose treatment info needed

    Hi, if anyone has had a rabbit that had a reaction to ivermectin due to hypersensitivity (dutch rabbits, blue-eyed rabbits, collie dogs even) or overdose and the animal was treated successfully, I am in dire need of info on this subject. My Tony needs the info ASAP. I have read just about...
  5. tonyshuman

    Good thoughts needed for Benjamin

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask you to think of my sweet Benjamin who is at the vet's today. He had a URI back in June that was taken care of with antibiotics, but it came back in early November. We treated again with antibiotics, but he continued to sneeze although the sneeze became unproductive...
  6. tonyshuman

    Urgent transport help needed--ILLINOIS

    Cross posting this in this forum in case some Illinois members can help: Urgent: Rabbits need a ride
  7. tonyshuman

    Supplement/treat for bunnies, esp with arthritis

    I got the idea to check the horse treats out from another member's thread on here, since rabbits and horses have very similar systems. I found these at the local Farm and Fleet store. They don't contain any ingredients that are...
  8. tonyshuman

    An agouti ND at the shelter--for the McClellands and PetBunny

    Hi all, I took lots of pics of this girl last time I was at the shelter because she reminded me of Pebbles and Charlene. Hope it brings a smile to see a young girl just like yours who recently passed. I know Savannah (the shelter bunny) will get a great home and be a wonderful bunny for her...
  9. tonyshuman

    Shelter bunny pictures

    Hi guys, I took some pictures of the shelter bunnies last Sunday because they're so darn cute and I love seeing them. Let's start with Sweet Pea Don't let the innocent face fool you She's so smart we have to put binder clips on her cage, or she'll get out! (see the black binder...
  10. tonyshuman

    Funny UK bunny commercial Lewis sends a picture of his bunny Sausage's bum to his Auntie It's so British, and so cute. The fact that Sausage looks a lot like Tony and it's an awesome name doesn't hurt either. Hope it brings you a chuckle!
  11. tonyshuman

    Tony's 3rd Gotcha Day

    3 years ago, I adopted Tony from Heartland Animal Shelter in IL. Having him has really changed my life and I'm so thankful for his sassy, silly attitude. He was about a year and a half when I got him, so now he's 4.5! I know that's not old, but as he's reached middle age he's really mellowed...
  12. tonyshuman

    Rescue: Mr. Max has a sad story and needs a good home, WI (Adopted!)

    Anyone who helps at a shelter or rescue knows that it's hard to not get attached to the bunnies there. I always seem to have a favorite there, but Mr. Max is extra special. His story is sad and has human tragedy, not just animal suffering. His owner became homeless (in Wisconsin, in January) and...
  13. tonyshuman

    Young mother, cold kits, HELP!

    Riffy wrote:
  14. tonyshuman

    Petunia (dwarf hamster)

    Petunia was 20 months old and had been with me since she was 5 weeks. She was my longest-lived dwarf hamster. She was euthanized at the emergency vet last night due to extreme pain symptoms and bleeding, with the additional issues that no real treatment was available for her due to her advanced...
  15. tonyshuman

    Home-Made Recycled Paper Bedding

    Hi, I got some info from a lady on Craigslist who was selling this stuff. I asked her how she made it, I finally tried myself, and it worked! 1) Rip up junk mail, newspaper, etc and place in a zippered pillowcase cover or some other bag with a zipper. I wouldn't fill it more than half full. A...
  16. tonyshuman

    A cautionary tale--about petstore bunnies

    I was volunteering today and one of our new bunnies has a story I feel compelled to share. "She" was bought at a "big box" pet store, of a somewhat local/not national chain. I've been upset about how they care for their bunnies before. They keep them on pine shavings (unless they're...
  17. tonyshuman

    travel cage--must be safe from dogs ad cat

    With the upcoming holidays, we've got some travel plans that include the bunnies. My bf's parents have 2 dogs (older schnauzer and medium-aged golden mix) and a cat (indoor/outdoor, not very friendly, mostly a mouser). I feel terrible when my guys chew up the carpet, walls, wood, etc, and pee on...
  18. tonyshuman

    For you tortie dutch lovers

    These brothers are at Rabbit Haven in WA and they're just so cute I had to post them. I know we have a lot of tort dutches here! :adorable:
  19. tonyshuman

    Rescue: 7yr old bunny on Craigslist (Madison, WI) I have a 7 year old Giant Checker rabbit named "Mitzey" who I sadly need to find a new home for. She loves attention and is really sweet. she is very tolerant of children, but has never been around cats, dogs, or other rabbits. She is an indoor...
  20. tonyshuman

    Rabbit Heimlich maneuver?

    Found this article by Dana Krempels: It sounds a bit strange. Has anyone heard of this before? Had to do it? I remember jameswaller posting about the rabbit Heimlich maneuver before, so I'm hoping at least a few of us have...