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  1. lauratunes12

    safe food?

    Is Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet "okay"? Has anyone tried it? My dad went to Walmart for bunny food(I don't love it, but it's something) and he came back with it all proud of himself for getting a healthy food. It has "fruits, vegetables, and seeds" and is from Walmart so I looked at...
  2. lauratunes12

    Shaking head possibly be a happy thing

    Can bunnies shaking their heads ever be a happy thing? When I came downstairs to feed Faith this morning, she shook her head, then I opened up her cage and she shook her head for several seconds then twitched up like a mini binky then started munching on the hay I gave her. She seems otherwise...
  3. lauratunes12

    How to educate family?

    My dad is forever crabbing about how much rabbits cost, because our dogs cost barely anything, blah blah blah. Well, we have about half a bag of alfalfa left from when Faith was a baby, and I give it as a treat every now and again, because she is now almost 7 months old. Well, I come to find...
  4. lauratunes12

    Lop being stubborn about lopping?

    She was lopped for a while, but lately Faith has been skittish and always has her ears all over the place. We do occasionally see them down, but she's usually got them straight up or airplaned, listening to everything. Something tells me she won't be any better at shows, because there is LOTS...
  5. lauratunes12

    Spay/neuter for show buns?

    I saw something about not spaying/neutering show bunnies... We plan on showing ours, but not breeding her... Do show bunnies have to be un-spayed/neutered? She's too young now, but we were planning on getting her spayed as soon as she was of age.
  6. lauratunes12

    Holland WON'T pose!

    The stinker is 14 weeks old, and just will not pose. She poses by herself, but won't do it when we try to do it. We've tried treating her, giving her head rubs, etc.. She just will not pose! Se either bites us or won't put her front feet down when we bring the front part of her body up. Tips?
  7. lauratunes12


    Faith (14 week old holland lop) has this weird triangle shape on her head where there is less fur and it is rougher. I thought maybe she is molting, but I don't really see any more fur anywhere, so if she is molting, she ate it. She does seem to be eating, peeing, and pooping fine. The...
  8. lauratunes12


    I was buying some produce for us humans, and saw the cilantro, and decided to get some. Do I give Faith the whole leaf or is there something I need to cut off? I rinsed them and put them in a plastic bag with a paper towel for now. She was going crazy sniffing and licking my fingers after I...
  9. lauratunes12

    Finally a new cage!

    So we've had Faith in a really small cage. It has room for her to maybe hop once, a wood log "house", her food bowl, and water bowl. We always felt really bad, but she was the right bunny at the wrong time. We were planning on getting a bunny, but still had to build the hutch we were going to...
  10. lauratunes12

    Faith not eating/pooping?

    According to my stepsister, Faith has not even her pellets for three days now. She is sill eating her hay and downing the carrots or strawberries we've given her, but no pellets. This isn't a huge deal, maybe she decided she didn't like them or something and we need to get her a different kind...
  11. lauratunes12


    Faith is 12 weeks now and getting SO big. She loves strawberries, and was scared at first of carrots, but now seems to be getting into them. Anyways, I had her out last night and she was running and jumping everywhere! She's on the floor binkying as I write this, and getting more and more...
  12. lauratunes12

    Finally a binky!

    Faith seemed to have trusted us before, but now she is binky-ing every time she turns around. Our little curious bunny has developed quite the attitude. Usually, when I carry her, she snuggles in and gets nervous. But now she's leaning out my hands and sniffing/looking around. I think...
  13. lauratunes12

    how much/where?

    We were going to build a small hutch for our bunny, but now am thinking about making a NIC cage. About how much are the slats and where did ya'll find them? Faith is quickly outgrowing her tiny cage!
  14. lauratunes12

    Do bunnies hiccup?

    We have Faith on the couch with us, and she started moving her whole body, like a hiccup, not the normal trembling. She stopped quickly and is now just chilling on the couch.
  15. lauratunes12

    Is it normal for this much poop?!

    So I know she as a high fiber diet, but Faith poops. a lot. All over her cage. We usually need to change all the bedding in her cage every day, though we don't, because that would get expensive. We just scoop as much as we can get, because she poops everywhere, then buries it. Then when we take...