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  1. Chrisdoc


    Just wanted to add my bunny vet, she is great with my boys and is quite rabbit savvy considering that here bunnies are not really kept as pets. Felis et Exotica Carretera de Mijas 22 (junto a Lidl) 29640 Fuengirola Malaga Spain Tel: 952593474 Emergencies: 636162384 Email...
  2. Chrisdoc

    Lump under chin

    Just picked Bandy up tonight to groom him and have noticed he had quite a large lump under his chin. It's quite hard and when I touch it, he doesn't flinch or seem to be in pain. I can't believe I didn't see it before, with all that hair it's hidden. I would try and take a photo but I don't want...
  3. Chrisdoc

    Are they overgrooming him

    I noticed the tips of Bandy's ears look as those they have fur missing. They look pink bit I have checked his ears and they look fine. My other two are are always grooming him, could they be overdoing it :confused: This is my trio together
  4. Chrisdoc

    National Hug a pet day

    I have just read that it´s national hug a pet day today, think it´s probably in the UK but I don´t an excuse to hug my bunnies so I´m jumping on the bandwagon. Hope you all give your bunnies extra hugs today :bunnydance:
  5. Chrisdoc

    How should your bunny poop look ?I

    I found this link today which I think is so useful and informative. I know how much we all are fascinated by our bunnies poop but this explains what good poop looks like and what you should be worried about.
  6. Chrisdoc

    Rabbit Island

    I love this island Okunoshima, I want to go and live there. I love all the bunnies chasing her for the food, how many are there :runningrabbit:
  7. Chrisdoc

    The bunnies or me !!!

    Never give a woman an ultimatum when it concerns her bunnies. Love that she chose her rabbits and it gave her a great idea for the bunny hotel. Wish we had one here when I go away.
  8. Chrisdoc

    Bandy not fancying his food

    Just a tad worried as Bandy didn´t want any food tonight and wouldn´t even come out for a craisin. He´s usually the first to the bowl but he went in his house early tonight and hid away. I picked him up to check him and noticed his feet were stained with fresh urine so I cleaned him up and...
  9. Chrisdoc

    Lump on back of neck

    I was just stroking Houdini and have noticed he has a lump on the back of his neck. It´s not hard and moves and he isn´t in any pain or discomfort when I touch it. He had his jab a couple of weeks ago in around that spot and wondered if it could be a reaction to this. I will make an appointment...
  10. Chrisdoc

    Pet shop bunny

    I had to post this as I am so infuriated by the way rabbits are treated and, in general, other pets are treated over here in Spain. I went to buy hay today and when I was in there last week, they had two little toy bunnies together in an enclosure. When I returned today, they had obviously...
  11. Chrisdoc


    I´m taking the boys to the vets tomorrow for their vaccinations. Is there anything I should be aware of, any side effects or maybe reactions they could have. Better to be prepared than panic afterwards.
  12. Chrisdoc

    Bye bye Cleo

    Just wanted to say goodbye to my sister´s cat Cleo. She´d have been 20 this year and she´s had a great life with her friend Kitty who left us about 6 months ago and I think she´s missed her since then. She gradually lost the will to live and has had problems since then. Now was the right time to...
  13. Chrisdoc

    Basil - leaves and stems

    Just wondered if anyone knows if buns can eat the stems of the plant as well as the leaves. Mine love basil but I´ve now started buying plants for them and cut them back to grow again and not sure if they can eat the stems.
  14. Chrisdoc

    sweat glands

    I have just been cleaning Houdini´s sweat glands and have noticed that he has a little growth on one of them. It doesn´t look red or angry and doesn´t seem to be bothering him. Do you think it could be a blockage and should I take him to the vet straight away or keep my eye on it to see what...
  15. Chrisdoc

    Anyone here in Spain

    Hi there, anyone else on RO here in Spain, I´m on the Costa del Sol :thumbup
  16. Chrisdoc

    agressive behaviour

    I have thee bonded boys and one of them, Houdini, has been agressive with Snowy for the last couple of days. I am trying to put them on neutral territory to see how they go but have noticed that maybe he is a bit gassy as I think he´s been the bathroom, it´s more noticeable than...
  17. Chrisdoc

    Bunny diet an easy guide

    Hi all, came across this again today from a rescue place in Canada and it´s a great indicator of what your bunny should be eating...I love all the colours as well as the spot on percentages. Their website is a cuteness overload as well and well worth a look.
  18. Chrisdoc

    The Three Musketeers

    Well after reading a couple of the blogs on here and enjoying them so much, I´ve decided to have a go. My name´s Chris and I´m the proud bunny mummy to Houdini, Snowy and Bandy. Houdina and Snowy and dutchies and Bandy is a cross angora, think he´s got a bit of Hotot in him. Thought Bandy was...