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  1. tmaddox9

    Favorite Rabbit Trait

    Their air born ballet!
  2. tmaddox9

    What have your buns destroyed lately?

    All my sons game controller wires The iPad charger cord (only likes the thin cords) Baseboards (in the mud room) Corner of old carpet (no loss) Every card board box they can find! I have six buns, two are big free roam French Lops so I'm thinking Ive gotten off easy!
  3. tmaddox9

    So much poo...

    I have four buns of my own and a number of foster bunnies at anytime. I dump my litter boxes every three days. They are large boxes with hay racks suspended over them. I use Carefresh and often put a small grid on top of the litter to prevent it getting kicked out all over the place. My rabbits...
  4. tmaddox9

    Broken leg...options?

    Just a quick hint about syringe feeding critical care. Go to the store and buy a can of 100% canned pumpkin...not the pie filling with sugar and eggs but the 100% pumpkin. Mix that with critical care and water. I work with rescue and I have never seen a bunny that doesn't love the pumpkin plus...
  5. tmaddox9

    Questions on Free Range BunBuns

    I have a totally free roam French Lop buck. He comes back to his only litter box no matter where he is in my three floor house. He only chews on card board boxes and the only cords he want to bite are the ones to charge the iPads. He has no taste for any others. When he's hungry he pushes his...
  6. tmaddox9

    Monty, my [big] baby bunny 2012

    Your posts make me miss my big Flemmie boys so much! My big black boy Rascal was 14 lbs and my big blue boy Rebel was 16 lbs. I have an amazing huge young French Lop now named Chester who is awesome but there is just something about the Flemish and those giant ears that I love. I wish the giant...
  7. tmaddox9

    Sleeping with your rabbit? Has anyone done it?

    My big French Lop boy is free roam. He doesn't sleep with me but he is a great alarm clock. Every morning about six o'clock he lands in the middle of me to wake me up to feed him his breakfast. It's hard to ignore thirteen pounds of bunny on your stomach and he doesn't have a snooze button!
  8. tmaddox9

    Feeding Head Tilt Bunny

    I work with head tilt bunnies in rescue. I attended a vet seminar on e. cuniculi today as a matter of fact. Most bunnies with head tilt that I have dealt with were the result of e. cuniculi. I would definitely look into the Panacur. If it is e.c. and you wait too long, it damages the vestibular...
  9. tmaddox9


    Set up for head tilt bunny.
  10. Wilbur


    Wilbur is my foster bunny with severe head tilt. He is a one year old Holland/Mini Lop mix. Wilbur's head tilt has proven difficult to treat but we are not giving up on Wilbur. He has a strong will to live. Most likely he won't be adoptable and will become one of my fur kids permanently.
  11. Bunn Bunn and Fawn

    Bunn Bunn and Fawn

    Bunn Bunn and Fawn were a bonded pair. Fawn passed five years ago from heart failure at age four. She was a Polish and Holland mix. Bunn passed this past May at almost 15 yrs old. He was a purebred black and white Dutch boy.
  12. Thumper aka Tinkerbelle

    Thumper aka Tinkerbelle

    Little Thumper just barely weighed 2 lbs. she was a purebred Netherland Dwarf. She developed seizures at age six from e. cuniculi and we were told she might live another six months on meds. She lived another two and a half year to be eight and a half when she left for the Bridge. She was very...
  13. Binx


    Binx is a female blue Satin and Dutch mix. Her fur is just the softest ever. I call her my Diva!
  14. Rascal


    Dearly loved Rascal was my first Flemish Giant and I miss him still. RIP Rascal.
  15. Belle


    My beautiful Belle, She has the sweetest nature. Her name fits her so well. She is a 13 lbs Flemish Giant and Checkered Giant mix.
  16. Stitch


    Stitch is my nine and a half year old spoiled little Polish boy! He only weighs two lbs and he really is spoiled rotten!
  17. Rebel


    Rebel thinks he\'s been caught being naughty. He has that \"Who? Me?\" Look on his face.
  18. Rebel


    Rebel relaxing and cozy in his bed.
  19. Rebel and Cassidy

    Rebel and Cassidy

    Rebel is the same size as my dog Cassidy, both weigh 16 lbs. I think it is a race to the food bowl here!
  20. Rebel


    Rebel sitting on top of his house.