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  1. SunnyCait

    Biases, the cutey factor

    Trust me the OP will definitely find like minded people there. I don't care about the meat vs pet aspect, I care about the ATTITUDE. Being crude about it doesn't make it "cool". Sorry. I guess I am more of a person of subtlety though.
  2. SunnyCait

    Biases, the cutey factor

    I have been reading over at RabbitTalk off and on all day... I'm sickened. And I haven't even read the RABBIT parts of the forum yet!!
  3. SunnyCait

    New job vent.... Ugh!

    I nanny too and you have to be really careful with that. Luckily I go through an agency so no money actually passes my hands (they pay the agency, the agency gives me a paycheck every two weeks). I have had to handle payment checks from clients to my boss though, and "ask" for them. Sometimes...
  4. SunnyCait

    anyone with dogs/cats and rabbits

    OT a bit: Jen! The bunny in the first picture, what color is he? He's the same color as my Hugh, and I've never seen it before on another rabbit.
  5. SunnyCait

    My Snuggle Bunny

    Hugh doesn't seem the jealous type. He is extremely laid back... It will be interesting to see though! :) So funny Qtip makes sure his mommies can't cuddle haha!
  6. SunnyCait

    My Snuggle Bunny

    I would have said broken black too if it weren't for the smatterings of this sandy color mixed in with the black... Hard to see in those pictures because my sheets were yellow and the light reflected off of those onto his face from my external flash, washing the color out, but you can kinda see...
  7. SunnyCait

    anyone with dogs/cats and rabbits

    It really depends on the individual animals involved. Some dogs/cats will be fine with rabbits, some won't, some rabbits will be fine with dogs/cats, some won't. It depends on your pets. Then from there you have to decide which precautions you need to take for your particular needs, and which...
  8. SunnyCait

    My Snuggle Bunny

    I have no idea what color he is considered to be... I haven't really asked around though. And he's a mini-lop. :)
  9. SunnyCait

    Beautiful Female Mini Rex in Fairbanks, Alaska

    *sigh* If I was at a better place I would totally snatch Ms. Nomi up. I hope she finds a GREAT home though! (Though I can't imagine one better than with you...!)
  10. SunnyCait

    I started a cooking blog!

    Shiloh. The Boozi Bears. Makes for VERY fun evenings in our household haha! I think we're always going to keep some around now. Also we made your cinnamon roll cake last night, and it was AMAZING. I gave some to the neighbors and they loved it too!
  11. SunnyCait

    OH NO!!!

    When I taught preschool, we had a class hamster. The hamster was not my idea at all, for obvious reasons. But I had to deal with her and we developed a system we called "Gentle Hands" in order to keep the hamster safe when being handled (and to keep the kids from being bit). It also helped when...
  12. SunnyCait

    Fixapalooza 2012

    Glad everyone is doing good and is home... My poor sweet Kerensa though, looks like she had an ordeal haha. I'm sure she's doing much better now though. :)
  13. SunnyCait

    Layla has a boyfriend!

    He's a handsome fella! They're certainly a good looking pair! :)
  14. SunnyCait

    Frank and Pumpkin

    How old is Frank?
  15. SunnyCait

    Why would he pee on my bed?

    It's possible he just got a little spooked... I remember Peter's neutered. Is Penelope allowed in your room? It could be that he's got a little sibling envy. I always found that even if my rabbits don't pee elsewhere, they LOVE to pee on the bed... It smells so strongly of people they...
  16. SunnyCait

    Layla has a DATE!

    More pictures! ASAP! He is a very very handsome fellow, and I love his coloring. I have a special soft spot for grey critters. <3 I'm sure he and Layla will get on just fine, after she's spayed and yadda yadda. They certainly would make an adorable pair, for sure! :) Can't wait for those...
  17. SunnyCait

    My Snuggle Bunny

    He's my sweetheart, that's for sure. :) He makes nests in the blankets, without putting holes or rips in them. He can stay LOL. Holly on the other hand would love nothing more than to pee everywhere and then chew the blankets. So Hugh is my only bed partner right now haha. The dogs are...
  18. SunnyCait

    My Snuggle Bunny

    LakeCondo wrote: Good question. The good news (for Hugh at least)is she lives in Chicago, and because of work scheduling visits everycouple ofmonths at best. Sooo I predict Hugh will keep his solo snuggle buddy status until March or April. :P When she finally moves out here this summer...
  19. SunnyCait

    My Snuggle Bunny

    The GF was out for a short visit, and I unfortunately got used to having another warm body in bed with me at night... When she left Monday, Ihaven't been able tosleep so I took to bringing none other than Mr. Hugh to cuddle and snuggle with in bed. Naturally, and like most other aspects of his...
  20. SunnyCait

    The adventures of Peter Cartier Rabbit!

    And here I thought Peter's middle name was of the diamond variety, not the explorer. ;) LOL! Looks like the little lady is settling in very nicely. Did the store owner get back to you once you told him she was deaf?