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    My mini rex had her babies

    Of course, I could be not remembering correctly, but I think it was Pam who always used ..... taco shaped () if a female, and donut shaped O if a male. As they get older, you will see the penis pop out when you press on thegenital area. If you press too hard, you can very easily change an O to...
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    Help! Fleas!

    One of my rahabber friends in Florida got in some baby skunks whose mama had been hit and killed. The kits stunk to high heaven, and she HAD to give them a bath. She, like a lot of us, uses white vinegar for ever so many things, so she diluted some ... but I don't know how much she diluted it...
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    Clover Hay?

    I do know that if clover hay is rained on and not completely dry again before it is baled, it does mold much faster and easier than other day. It seems to be a much thicker plant. I would think that you could cut the clover and hang it to dry.
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    how often do you clean the litter tray out ??

    Very much of a build up in the tray can bring on maggots, especiallyduring the hot summer months, so I would keep it as clean as possible. I guess I wouldn't say any particular number of hours or days, as it would depend on how much your rabbit deposits every day. You could maybe just give your...
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    Bunny Colors!! Too many choices!!

    No ... my way! I've never had one like that, either. :-)))
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    Bunny Colors!! Too many choices!!

    Pick your bunny based on personality, and youwill both be so much happier ... even if it is purple with yellow polkadots. ;-)))
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    Bonding The Buns - HELP!

    Please ..... just remember that all rabbits ...just like all dogs, cats, people ... are not going to getalong. And these bunnies willlive nice lives being loved by the human in theirlives. It's cute to see bonded,but it is not necessary for a happy life for the rabbit.
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    Just arrived home and

    I feel really bad for you. Rabbits canhave heart attacks and strokes and die, too. Iknow. Please know that even if you had been with her, theremay not have been one single thing that you could have done.HUGS!
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    Ok to wrap hay??

    Any kind of hay can mold if sealed in plastic. In reading thru the thread about hay, someone mentioned that hay thathas been rained on has more of a tendency to mold. I havebaled many an acre of hay, oat hay and straw. It's not therain that causes the hay to mold. It's baling it too soonafter...
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    Hay, hay, and more hay!!

    That's pretty hay. I can almost smellit. :-))) Bales varygreatly, depending on the type of hay and the baler.
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    Tinkerbell is suddenly acting afraid. :(

    Most likely hormones. Your little girl is growing up.
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    Hair pulling

    Approximately 28 to 31/32 days ... with 30 being the average.
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    Hair pulling

    Could be a false pregnancy, but with her beingloose like that, I would get a nest box in with her if she wants tosave the babies.
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    UVB Light for my bunny?

    I don't think that the bulb wouldhurt. But, as has been mentioned, the pellets do have vitaminD in them. Back a few years, I had a verylarge number of rabbits, and they did not get sunlight. Itdidn't seem to hurt them. I did, however, feed onlypellets.
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    My bunny Baby died last night

    I am so terribly sorry for what has happened. My heart just hurts for you.
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    tony hubby is feeding lucy casbbage again

    Back a few years, I was told by an old timebreeder that rabbits cannot expel gas. He said to never feedANYTHING from the cabbage family.
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    What's the likelyhood of pregnancy?

    I used to breed year around, and it got in the90's during the summer. I would go under the assumption thatthey are pregnant. This emergency spay sounds an awful lotlike an abortion in humans.
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    died rabbit

    Good grief!!! :-(((
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    What time of the day do you feed your bun(s)

    All of my critter kids ... dogs, cats(house and barn), rabbits, geese, skunk ... have food available24/7/365. There is none of the "excitement" of getting fed,and nobody is overweight. They know that they don't have togobble their food. It's just always there.
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    choosing a rabbit as a house pet

    I absolutely loved the website about the NewZealand White! :-))) As you can see, meatrabbits also make wonderful pets. I dotruly know this.