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  1. Haley

    10-week old California Mix

    Please do not let her release them into the wild! That is a death sentence after a considerable amount of suffering. Please PM me if that is going to happen and I will personally pick up the bunnies and get them in to a shelter. Even a kill shelter is better than being released.
  2. Haley

    Incisor Removal Surgery?

    I'm not sure about the price since it was so long ago (I want to say around $250) but my bunny Max had them removed. His was due to a dental abscess at the base of one..since they had to remove one tooth they figured the grinding down would be a stress so they removed all four incisors and the...
  3. Haley

    RIP Teresa Mekare

    Alicia, I haven't been on in a while it when I do log on, the bridge is always the first place I check, and it's almost always with a heavy heart. I am so sorry to hear that your spunky, feisty little princess has passed. She was so loved here and will be so missed.
  4. Haley

    Baby Girl Jackie

    :bigtears: Im so sorry, Susan. Losing Max and Basil within 6 months of eachother tore me apart. I cant imagine losing two of my babies in one week. Even though she hadnt lived with you for a while, you were still her mommy and she loved you so much. She and Wilbur were so wonderful together...
  5. Haley


    I started thinking about myvisit to see you, Susan, and found Winston and Vega's travel blog. I cant believe that was September, 2007 when I visited so almost 4 years ago. Here's what I wrote about your sweet boy back then: "And Buttercup is just awesome! He has the living room downstairs all...
  6. Haley


    Susan, I saw your post on Facebook today and, being that I was gone for the weekend, was shocked to hear our sweet boy had passed. I know you just celebrated his 13th Birthday, and I shed a lot of tearsofhappinessthat day for you both that you were able to know one another for so many years. I...
  7. Haley

    Finally..A Tribute to Max

    I just ventured on tonight and noticed there were so many replies here that I never saw. I'm crying like a baby here... over the loss of Pebbles, Basil, Max and so many other special bunnies who have passed. Thank you all for the kind words. It means a lot to know you all cared so much for my...
  8. Haley

    Pebbles 06/23/04 - 05/14/10

    Stan, Just wanted to tell u that I'm thinking of you. Until you go through that loss, you can never really understand it. This has been a rough year for so many of us. I think about pebbles a lot. I'm smiling now picturing her romping through a field (or, knowing pebbles, maybe a snow bank)...
  9. Haley

    Finally..A Tribute to Max

    As some of you know, I lost Max on the morning of January 3rd of this year. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. He and Basil were my first two bunnies and my heart boys, with me through 8 years of my life. Basil passed away on July 15th so to lose his best friend almost 6 months...
  10. Haley

    Captured a loose rabbit....

    Let me think on it...not sure with so many wedding expenses. Hazel is the dutch girl I bonded to Max and Basil before they died. She needs a buddy and won't bond to Biggie Max (he is very independent and wont snuggle or lick her so she gets mad). Is he heating ok? Just wondering if skinny +...
  11. Haley

    Captured a loose rabbit....

    Amy, I TOTALLY understand where you're coming from, not wanting him to go back to owners who are irresponsible. Maybe you could talk to them? Tell them you have had a couple inquiries and that you are nervous about where the bunny will go...that you work with bunny rescues and want to be sure...
  12. Haley


    My rabbit, Max, had his incisors removed when he was about 4 due to tooth root abscesses that were requiring multiple surgies and causing other infections. He eventually had to have other molars removed bc of the same problem. Max was such a trooper and did just fine even though, near the end...
  13. Haley

    Milo is Sick

    I would ask about getting him on a strong antibiotic to kick this as fast as possible. Baytril might even do the trick if it's a simple URI. I have had this several times with my bunnies and Baytril usually worked fine. Keep an eye out though bc if it doesnt clear up it could be a symptom of...
  14. Haley

    Vestibular Incidents - Intermittent (seizures?) Possible ear infection?

    Kirstin, I have no experience with this but it sounds like you are doing everything you can for him. It's funny bc I know you dont post often and I just happened to pop in and see this. I would think head xrays would be best. I doubt the baytril will have much of an effect on him. Wish I could...
  15. Haley

    Ear mites

    I have had a couple incidences where my bunnies (all indoors) have picked up mites. I could not see anything visible (neither could the vet under the microscope) but in one case the buns were itching a lot and another they were losing some hair in patches. Both times we treated with revolution...
  16. Haley

    Hops for Hope 2011

    I really wish I could go but I recently moved to the west side of the state and (with gas at $4 a gallon, among other things) I wont be able to attend this year. I have attended in the past and it is so much fun. You get to meet so many wonderful people who share your love of bunnies and...
  17. Haley

    Hops for Hope 2011

    Hi all! :big kiss: I dont get to post often but this rescue is very near and dear to me so I thought I should pass along info on their annual fundraiser, Hops for Hope. Midwest Rabbit Rescue is located in Plymouth, MI and home to over 100 rescued rabbits. They have personally helped me out...
  18. Haley

    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Susan made my crew pillows when I brought her Winston and Vega. They LOVED them. Biggie still has his blankie Susan made him. So soft and snuggly!
  19. Haley

    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Just popping in for a Buttercup fix. Love the photos of him on his pillows. Im missing Max and Basil and in desperate need of a snuggle bunny. Will you send Buttercup to me asap? :) Hope all is well. Miss chatting with you!
  20. Haley

    Miss Fiona Whiskers

    I havent been on the forum in a while. Whenever I have a chance to hop on, I always check here first and my heart breaks a little bit every time. I am so sorry to see Fiona's name here. I never posted it here because it was just too much, but Max passed away in January as well. Like Fiona...