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  1. SamanthaYelof

    how to make my bun gain weight

    Hey everyone, sadly Bunny is going into surgery 12/22 to get a mass on his inside cheek removed. He's lost weight due to it and needs to put some on asap. He has criticare but HATES it. Ive tried mixing it with everything under the sun and it breaks my heart to syringe feed him. My vet said...
  2. SamanthaYelof

    Bunny is drooling and half his face is soaked!

    Hello everyone! My lovely bunny name Bunny (I let my little brother name him :rollseyes) has been to the vet a few times recently and is being treated for a URI. His symptoms cleared up after 10 days of antibiotics (chloramphenicol) and he seems fine but today I went to bring him out for play...