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    Excellent Bunny Doc for South Bay, Los Angeles

    Problem: A fat female bunny at 5 years of age that needed to be neutered. At 5 years of age, a female bunny has a 90+% chance of dying of uterine cancer if not neutered. Our then vet would not operate on Bunny because she was too fat. After a lot of internet interactions, I discovered a rabbit...
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    Cheyenne Wants to be Mother!

    Background: For our two Flemmish baby sister rabbits, now over 5 months old, we have card board boxes in the house for them play with and chew on. They are house rabbits..they run free and are not caged. Cheyenne built a birthing nest in one of the card board boxes. She lined it with oat hay...
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    Caught a Bunnie in Mouse Glue Trap!!

    This happened about two months ago, but I bought some rat glue traps today so I thought I'd recount this story. My wife and I were in the living room, when a "clank," "clank," noise brought our attention to see one of our baby rabbits (3 1/2 month old flemmish) came running up to us with one...
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    Bunny Expertise: Food Quality

    OK, I'll throw out these comments about bunny food quality. My wife buys a lot of green veggies for our two Flemmish bunnies. She buys from the nearby farmer's market and also from mainline grocery stores. She claims that when given green leafy veggies, the rabbits will tend to eat the...
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    Vegetables/Fruit For the Bunnies

    Interesting, that my wife has told me that the rabbits (our Flemmish 2 babies) seem to prefer Farmer's Market veggies as compared to grocery store veggies. When she feeds them a large platter of green leaf veggies from Farmer's Market and the local grocery store , they will eat the Farmer's...
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    Age for Neutering Recommendation

    My two Flemmish baby girls are now 4 1/2 months old. They are already probably as big as most pet bunnies. They are sisters. 99% of the time, they are very lovey, dovey. They are bonded. They just love to sleep together side by side. One girl is dominant, and the other tends to be...
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    Distressing Baby Sister Agressions-Flemmish Babies

    It's seemingly only started this week. Background: We have two Flemmish female sister babies. They are now 3 1/2 months old. Up until this week, they've been just perfectly lovey-dovey. They have appeared to so much love each other. The two female rabbits have different personalities...
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    New to the Forum

    Bunny, our 11 1/2 year old house rabbit died unexpectedly a month ago. My wife and I were very sad. She had lived with us for over 10 years completely uncaged in our house. Excellent litter box behavior. She slept in our bedroom with us and it was very comforting. If anything unusual was...