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  1. Blue eyes

    Outbreak of Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (RVHD) in Pine County, MINNESOTA

    This is a decade-old thread. We have updated information on RHVD2 in a sticky post in Health & Wellness (including links to updated maps for this disease in the US).
  2. Blue eyes

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    If she's only eating that little of the romaine, you could try a different green. Green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, cilantro, are all possible options you can get at the store. If you're interested in growing greens, basil does fantastic out here all through the summer. It thrives in our heat.
  3. Blue eyes

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    If she's been eating lettuce (what kind?) for a while (how long?), then you could introduce a different green. As you gradually introduce her to more greens, you'll be able to get a feel for what she likes best.
  4. Blue eyes

    Hello, Nice to meet you all!

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. Blue eyes

    Acceptable time for bunnies to be kept in their carrier?

    They'll be fine. Provide hay for munching while they're in there.
  6. Blue eyes

    Introducing dog to rabbit

    I've done it both ways... had a dog and brought in a rabbit, and also had just a rabbit (2 actually) and brought in a dog. I go over how I've done it (with photos) on a webpage. That should provide some ideas/tips. I'll leave that link to save me from typing it all out here! ;) Introducing Dog...
  7. Blue eyes

    Hi all - any suggestions on finding a skilled dental surgeon?

    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully someone will be able to offer a recommendation. I would suggest you put your location in your profile as well. We love photos, so please feel free to show us your rabbits and their habitat.
  8. Blue eyes

    Rearranged room, suddenly pooping everywhere, how to fix?

    He's likely just marking (re-marking) the area as his-- especially those new sleeping or laying spots. Re-arranging furniture, litter boxes, etc, makes the area seem new to him so my guess is that the territorial marking will diminish in time. If it were me, I'd probably put a litter box (new...
  9. Blue eyes

    Hey all!

    Glad to have you back!
  10. Blue eyes

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    Just remember that any new greens (like dandelions) need to be introduced slowly. Offer just a small amount to start out. As their gut gets used to the new food, the amount can be gradually increased. (Detailed instructions at linked site.)
  11. Blue eyes

    Aggressive Rescue Bun

    My suggestion would be to give her some "space." Leave her be, in her crate, for the next 2-3 days undisturbed. Don't try to pet her or pull her out. Don't try to hand feed her. Don't even clean the cage (though I would suggest providing something like a large dishpan to use as a litter box). If...
  12. Blue eyes

    My 6 month is on baby pellets, what do I do from here?

    He's ready now for adult pellets. You'll need to transition him gradually to the new pellets. You'll use his current pellets mixed with the new. For pellet recommendations, check this page. It also provides specific instructions on how to transition...
  13. Blue eyes

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    If you actually click on the link I provided earlier, you will see a list of acceptable greens (one list that is appropriate for daily offerings and another list for those that should not be offered every day). If your location is accurate, it would not be recommended to offer grass from...
  14. Blue eyes

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    It doesn't have to be lettuce. There are many choices. Whatever you choose, be sure to only offer one type at a time. That way you will know if one particular type may upset his digestion. (If you offer more than one type and he reacts negatively -like mushy poos- you won't know which one is the...
  15. Blue eyes

    Pellet free diet!

    Is there a reason you are wanting to do a pellet-free diet? The general recommendation for quantity of pellets is quite low (roughly 1/4 cup/day). Unlimited hay would be the bulk of a good diet, followed by generous greens. The pellets just ensure that certain nutrients are not being missed...
  16. Blue eyes

    Vancouver island- bunny rehome needed.

    That really is a shame. From what you wrote, I'm guessing they allow only one rabbit (pet?), but not two? I would think that even with new management that they would "grandfather in" those with existing pets. Doesn't seem right that they would force people to get rid of pets. (Might that forced...
  17. Blue eyes

    What are heat exhaustion/stroke symptoms?

    If the temps were under 80, there should not be an issue. They may be warm but shouldn't be in danger. Being from AZ, our indoor (with AC) temps in the summer typically do not go below 82 F. If it got up to 85, I'd give them a frozen, water-filled plastic jug to lay beside. (They always have...
  18. Blue eyes

    Toileting habits

    A litter trained rabbit that starts piddling in different places may have a urinary tract infection. That is a typical sign of one. May want to have a vet check him out.
  19. Blue eyes

    Is Galvanized sheet metal safe for buns?

    Oh. I see. It's a Critter Nation cage. We had one for our pet rats. As @Preitler stated, they'll be fine just laying on the floor. However the new metal will be slippery for them, even with hay on it. Perhaps you could consider providing a more roomy enclosure for the one that has to be...
  20. Blue eyes

    Is Galvanized sheet metal safe for buns?

    Do you put anything on top of the metal flooring (mats, beds, bedding)? Could you please post a photo of this cage? I can't picture a chinchilla cage that would be near large enough for a rabbit. Are they in the cage all day?