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    Strange Behavior, Please Help..

    How is she doing? Hope she is all better soon.
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    Eye discharge

    Our bunny Dutchess has eye discharge sometimes. Vet said after xrays that her tooth roots near her eye are kind of long. But he doesn’t think it is causing pain. How is your bunny doing?
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    Lump! Help!

    Hope it is just a lipoma.
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    Syringe Feeding Tips

    Dutchess hates syringe feeding. If she isn’t eating well or pooping, I start the meloxicam, simethicone, and motility stimulant. Then I cut grass outside and buy wheat grass and various veggies (carrot tops, parsley) and slowly put grass or veggie stems in her mouth. Usually she will chew them...
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    Lump! Help!

    Am hoping for the best for Ashy. That it is external makes it easier to see and remove.
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    Bluebell’s spaying day

    Glad Bluebell is doing ok. Our boy bunny had an undescended testicle it turned out. But we knew he was a boy. Am surprised Bluebell was a boy.
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    Lump! Help!

    Ashy, if the FNA was inconclusive, does that mean they didn’t find any concerning cells or ? With the Guinea pigs, both had cancer and one had a very fast growing kind which luckily hasn’t spread. Can the lump be just a cyst?
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    Best cranberry tablets for bunnies?

    Thank you, will check out Sherwood tablets.
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    Lump! Help!

    I have two male Guinea pigs who had cancerous mammary tumors removed over a year ago. Vet care has improved a lot. Hope your bunny’s cytology comes out benign.
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    Something has injured her nose

    She is lovely! Hope she is all better soon.
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    Bluebell’s spaying day

    Beautiful bunny! Would make sure when she comes home that she has adequate pain control and that she starts eating and drinking. How is she doing?
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    Dutchess smelly rear end

    Dutchess is staying very clean and pooping, with the metoproclamide. She is eating wheat grass, kale, and orchard grass. Had her run around a lot and held her, petted her gently. She licked my shirt. Won’t eat offered greens by hand. Vet offered to trim some molars that seem long but may wait...
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    Lung sounds after eating

    Dutchess has recovered from urine scald and sludge. She is pooping and eating small amounts. When she eats or drinks even a drop of fluid from a syringe, she makes loud ugh sounds similar to lung congestion. Vet has xrayed her and said she is fine. He thinks her teeth may be long and is willing...
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    GI stasis recovery not peeing

    Cute bunny. When Dutchess has GI stasis, I also give her simethicone and hand feed her greens to get her eating. Hope Boba is all better soon.
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    Best cranberry tablets for bunnies?

    She has a plain water bowl but wont drink water either from her bowl or her bottle. Am trying to add something to her water so she will drink it.
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    Best cranberry tablets for bunnies?

    Am trying to get tablets for Dutchess to prevent any more urinary problems. Have read about Oxbox and Sherwood tablets. Am hoping to dissolve them in her bottle and dush to get her to drink more water. There is also cranberry powder available. Does anyone have experience giving these? She likes...
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    Inactive/Refusing food

    BTW if she is in pain from gas, you can offer simethicone baby liquid.
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    Inactive/Refusing food

    Not sure what is going on. Our bunny Dutchess will get sick, and the vet will find nothing, then she gets sick again.I feel so dumb when it happens. It sounds like your bunny has good care. Hope she stays well.
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    Not eating (RIP)

    Am so sorry and send love to those who have lost their buns.
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    Flemish just had surgery, could really use some advice/opinions

    Lovely bunny. Hope he is all better soon. We had to confine our pigeon in a small cage to let her heal due to a broken wing. She didn’t like it but we gave her lots of attention and she adapted.