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  1. Preitler

    Get to know each other game!

    Ow, heck I do. I now try to live off my mere 2000m² of land, as much as I can, including raising rabbits for meat. Right now my main chore is battling slugs, I yeet 50-300 across the brook every day. Hard times to grow vegetables in this weather. TPBM is enthusiastic about growing vegetables...
  2. Preitler

    I had to let Musti go...

    I like that you keep up remembering him. I struggle with that emotional stuff, feel the need but can't really cope.
  3. Preitler

    Pimple/Cyst Like Bump Under Rabbit's Eyes.

    Any chance they had ticks there? You quite likely wouldn't have noticed.
  4. Preitler

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    Lettuce isn't much of a "green" anyway, he doesn't miss much there. I reckon you live in a city with no access to fresh grass and weeds? Which would be my first choice regarding green bunny food.
  5. Preitler

    Rosewood salad safe?

    Just from the order how the ingredients are listed, well, safe - yes. In small amounts, Those are treats meant to be given in small amounts., It's not something that should be a significant part of (calorie wise) of their diet. A teaspoon a day as reward for complying orders would work great, I...
  6. Preitler

    Toileting habits

    It also might be mobility issues if getting into the litter tray offers a hurdle. If there's a step, put a flat, well structured ramp there and see if it helps.
  7. Preitler

    Favourite rabbit colour poll

    Broken agouti. Not sure if that's what you included in "series"
  8. Preitler

    Is Galvanized sheet metal safe for buns?

    They aren't going to eat the floor. Or the metal. It's not going to be a health issue. You don't know what is in the coating of the wire either, etc, if you start to worry about everything that hypotheticly, under very special circumstances might maybe have a slight potential to be interpreted...
  9. Preitler

    Is natural bamboo okay for bunnies to eat ?

    if it's marketed for pet use, it's ok. I just can't wrap my head around that rabbit food stuff is marketed like this, minuskule amounts in a lot of plastic, quite likely transported half around the globe burning a lot of fossile fuels, just because it's dirt cheap and can be sold to more ...
  10. Preitler

    Any last ideas to save them?

    You can also supplement the does food with oatmeal, it's easily digestable and they generally love it.
  11. Preitler

    They always want to go where they are not allowed!

    Also, "Lets mark those places, it's their fault there isn't a litterbox behind the washing machine" :D
  12. Preitler

    Walking Dandruff, when will the dandruff go away?

    Well, a little late, by now the skin should have healed and be back to normal. If not, was the medizine (which?) a single dose, or two applied 2-3 weeks apart?
  13. Preitler

    Food Dilemma

    What about simple grass hay? The stuff you listed sound rather rich with grass getting scarce
  14. Preitler

    Rabbit Licking

    The only thing to consider I can think of would be some mineral deficit. Does he have a mineral salt lick? If those shoes are used outdoors there might still be salt residue on shoes from winter salting. I sometimes see one of mine licking concrete, eating dirt or gnawing plaster off the wall...
  15. Preitler

    Baby Brothers & Neutering?

    Things are a little different over here, bucklings get neutered from the age of 8 weeks up. This has the advantage that they don't go through puberty and don't even get the idea that every other buck is a foe by default and are easier to bond. So, I would neuter as soon as your vet is...
  16. Preitler

    Bunny Sneeze

    Sneezing isn't the same as coughing, it sounds like Pfew-Pfew-Pfew, and can happen now and then, quite normal. Irritation, dust, etc. can make rabbits sneeze. Same as with humans. It only is something of concern when it it happens often and regularily, and when there's discharge. One of my does...
  17. Preitler

    Did mom stop caring for newborns?

    If she's feeding them I wouldn't stress her, just let her do her thing :) Mastitis isn't something that happens that often, but in the case of something being off about nursing (like not feeding, or kits dying etc.) it's one point to check.
  18. Preitler

    Did mom stop caring for newborns?

    Hm, first thing I would do is to check the doe, if there is any inflamation of the teats or mastitis. I do not think that handling the kits, putting one back or maintaining the nest would deter a doe from nursing. Either she does nurse and you just missed it, or if she doesn't something else is...
  19. Preitler

    Help! My bunny is pregnant, AGAIN!

    Afaik, dewlap size is influenced by hormones and genetics, some does get big ones, others not. Anyway, I'm not aware that dewlap size is connected to anything worrisome.
  20. Preitler

    My Fury is gone... :(

    Well, yes, kind of, "Schwarze" just means black one, and it always takes me many years to settle on a real name, by that time it almost becomes a title of honor. And although Fury did fit perfectly, it doesn't roll of german tongues easily. I'm getting better at naming though, Red will remain...