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  1. Jocee

    Get to know each other game!

    No, I would rather do research on different people/peoples TPBM Loves the Country/Farm
  2. Jocee

    Huge black mass on rabbit hip

    ouch, Spider Bite. Your Bun looked sore, I'm glad the Vet could do something. A spider bite for a human is absolutely annoying and sore, I can't imagine what it would be like on something as small as a rabbit. He must have been very sore and annoyed with it.
  3. Jocee

    Hello, Nice to meet you all!

  4. Jocee

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    Dandelions are also very good for Bunny health, as they are rich in Vitamin C and Calcium
  5. Jocee


    oh so cute and absolutely beautiful
  6. Jocee


    Yep the colours that Sable Steel said are what I can see as well
  7. Jocee

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    oh so cute, I really need to get a photo of my Bun flopping, and yes Buns often seem to flop in the strangest places. I have caught my Bun a few times flopped right beside her food dish, with her head resting on the food dish, and at the same time eating out of the food dish. I had to hold back...
  8. Jocee

    Trying to introduce greens to my six month old bunny

    Yes, try different fresh herbs. Basil, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary. They might help give your Bun a good start to greens, as they are very aromatic and inviting The first time I gave my Bun Fresh Basil and Mint, she just sniffed it and tossed it around, and licked it. After that one time, she now...
  9. Jocee

    Color help

    Yes I was thinking the broken ones looked like broken orange and the other looked like a chestnut (If that's the right color description)
  10. Jocee

    I’m trying to get my make rabbit to let me pick him up.

    you can try picking him up every day for a couple of minutes each time or a few seconds if he starts getting panicky, and then every time you put him back down, give him a reward he loves. You just have to remember, some bunnies will probably never like being picked up, some bunnies will take a...
  11. Jocee

    Get to know each other game!

    Ok thanks, I only know of New Zealand's Rabbit Island Beach, but I look that one up. Oh, I just looked up Rabbit Island, and I would definitely go there, oh so cccuuuuuuuuttteeee. So many Rabbits. I'd just lay there and let them hop all around me and on me.
  12. Jocee

    Get to know each other game!

    I've been to Rabbit Island (There is a place here in New Zealand called Rabbit Island) If that is the place your hinting. It is a beautiful beach, my favorite beach I've been to (Good memories) I think the place I would visit in the world if I could choose, would be Britain and Ireland...
  13. Jocee

    Help Me With My Future Buns!

    I have to agree. There is never a cage big enough for a rabbit. The Rabbit hutch/coop, sweet Bun posted above, definitely needs more room to run. But Like Diane is saying, there never seems to be a hutch or pen big enough for a rabbit, especially if you are doing your best to set up outside I...
  14. Jocee

    Help Me With My Future Buns!

    That Shed in the above link looks amazing for an outside rabbit. This hutch may be alright for your buns, but I would suggest also finding a reasonable-sized assemble and disassemble fence pen, so that your buns can be given a good exercise time. A pen like the one I posted below. As long...
  15. Jocee

    Pregnant doe

    Ha yes, a couple of my pregnant does also enjoyed ripping up their pee pads for their nest. For a while, I also thought it was because they didn't like them, or were annoyed with them, but I soon realized, they were following nature and ripping and digging them up to move around the place, to...
  16. Jocee

    Any last ideas to save them?

    I think someone mentioned it above, but giving the babies some unflavoured electrolytes helps millions to hydrate babies that are having trouble feeding, or are runts. I've experienced it a few times with a couple of runts in a litter, and it helped them perk up. It may not work every time, but...
  17. Jocee

    What breed are my bunnies?

    If they are the Buns on your profile picture, they look like mini lops.
  18. Jocee

    Ladies' cottage life

    Well at least you've got a willing helper (Your Bun) 😀 I'm glad you're getting settled.
  19. Jocee

    Ladies' cottage life

    wow looks like a big job on the floor. Hopefully, you get set up alright:)