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  1. ArtistChibi

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Joys of being a bunny parent! Reason# Pie When you're mad but your bunnies do this and make you smile. I don't think Loki mind too much about Erlong laying on him.
  2. ArtistChibi

    Get to know each other game!

    And I remind them of this every single day. TPBM has attempted to draw animals before.
  3. ArtistChibi

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Oh no! 🤣😂🤣
  4. ArtistChibi

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Another joy of bunny parenting, you get to learn how to draw a chibi rabbit. Xiao Wu eating Christmas light wire. Posted this in another thread,'s not the only one from this image I have. However, for some reason, it's not letting me upload it. Nor my newest one. I think it's my...
  5. ArtistChibi

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    It has a term one might think it could be against forum rules, thus why I only said "a rabbit group I'm in".
  6. ArtistChibi

    Christmas/ Holiday bunny photos.

    No, but I just drew one, though. Does that count? (One of those very rare moments I am able to draw something that isn't humanoid.)
  7. ArtistChibi

    Do Bunnies Binky Only Once?

    They'll binky randomly, depending on the bunny. Xiao Wu does a ton of mini bunnies throughout the day when she feels hyper, and big ones when she races back into the bedroom from the hall. Loki will binky sometimes, but not often, because Erlong can't really binky at all. Rexy, our newest...
  8. ArtistChibi

    Does your bunny like belly rubs?

    Xiao Wu LOVES belly rubs when she flops next to my husband.
  9. ArtistChibi

    Rexy the rex

    I will say this. Rexy was raised around hound dogs and a Chihuahua, so his unexpected introduction to my mother-in-law's poodle puppy resulted in him accepting her grooming him and the two actually getting along. He was a solo bunny before, and known life in a cage at a pet store before that. So...
  10. ArtistChibi

    Rexy the rex

    Well, Rexy has decided that 4AM was a time to wake everyone in the house up so he can play. Xiao Wu is more curious about him than she is mad that he exists.
  11. ArtistChibi

    Rexy the rex

    Well, the drive was stressing, and cold, and I am sore. But it did NOT take Rexy long to start showing off the kind of attitude he has. Loki, Xiao Wu, and Erlong know something happened, something new arrived. What they don't know is that it is this plushy bunny. Rexy has decided that our...
  12. ArtistChibi

    Rexy the rex

    As soon as the picture loads. I'm still on the road so this may take some time.
  13. ArtistChibi

    Rexy the rex

    One year ago, a former pet store manager took in an ill bunny and spent hundreds to make sure he lived. Today, she had to say "see you later" as the artist, with her three bunnies, took him home with her. Unforseen circumstances called for the former manager to downsize what she has and, sadly...
  14. ArtistChibi

    The joys of being a bunny parent

    From a rabbit group I'm in on Facebook that posts about the many misadventures of being a bunny parent.
  15. ArtistChibi

    Bunny Fish??? 🐇🐟

    AWE!!!!! So adorable!!!
  16. ArtistChibi

    The ban game

    I ban you for banning them for banning themselves.
  17. ArtistChibi

    Put your funniest bunny pictures down below!

    Erlong claiming Loki as her squishy. Loki flopped so hard, he was on his back, fast asleep. Loki sitting in their food bowl Xiao Wu stopping me from returning to work after my break. (Before Shen's passing.)
  18. ArtistChibi

    The ban game

    I ban you for not thinking of anything else to ban.
  19. ArtistChibi

    Any Trustworthy Rabbit Savvy Vets in Kerry?

    My pleasure to be of assistance.
  20. ArtistChibi

    The ban game

    I ban you for the adorable drawing of bunnies as your PFP.