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  1. cheryl

    Where are all the Aussies?

    Even putting some tiles in the freezer for a bit...easier to lay can pick up seconds cheap...and yeah frozen water bottles are good as well.. I'm not looking forward to the heat that is ahead of us!
  2. cheryl

    Just me? (halloween)

    Nancy McClelland wrote: annoy's me as well....since we don't do halloween here in's just easter and christmas that they bring stuff out way ahead of's irritating cause christmas will finish and about a month after the shops bring out the easter stuff...
  3. cheryl

    How many buns do you have?

    I lost my precious bunnies to myxomotosis last year...only Cassidy survived my blind bunny i have just him and now i have Tiziana..a beautiful flemish girl..
  4. cheryl

    Bunny ate our school supplies

    Sometimes Jeremy would come home from school and forget to hang his school bag up...umm the bunnies used to love going through it to see what they could find..
  5. cheryl

    Bunny ate our school supplies

    Yep looks familiar to what my bunnies did to my son's homework in the past...instead of the old saying..the dog chewed my had to be rephrased to my mum's bunny ate my homework....
  6. cheryl

    Yummy parsley

    Cute pictures...Parsley had always been one of my bunnies favourite's..
  7. cheryl

    Anyone else have chewed up remotes?

    I had posted a picture quite a while ago of my remote that some little bunny had chewed ALL the buttons off..little buggers..
  8. cheryl

    Water Bottle or Water Dish?

    I had always given my bunnies a bowl...just seemed more natural for them to drink from a bowl...
  9. cheryl

    Our Little Princess

    Aww she's adorable..
  10. cheryl


    Paula..i understand your's not fair when things happen like this.. Your in my thoughts..
  11. cheryl


    Oh Paula..i'm so sorry
  12. cheryl


    I'm so very sorry Paula for your loss..
  13. cheryl

    She's Here!!!

    What a beautiful girl she is..
  14. cheryl


    Aww Jess..i'm so sorry for your loss...she was such a beautiful girl just like her sister...always loved those two girls.. Many hugs
  15. cheryl

    Hey everyone :D!

    Hi Rebecca and Pepper..welcome Do you have any pictures of Pepper..we love pictures
  16. cheryl

    Cheryl's Bunnies

    Thankyou Maria..i appreciate your kind words.. Treasuredfriend..thankyou so much for your thoughts..myxi is bunnies all got the red puffy eyes...the hot ears...the vet checked them over and their genital area was swollen..ohh boy i want to get these images out of my head but...
  17. cheryl


    I'm so sorry for your loss of Bayou...
  18. cheryl

    Teddy Bear hates food bowls

    Teddy Bear is beautiful....these little guys sure have a way to make us fall in love with them..
  19. cheryl

    Yuki's new "feed me" pose

    She's cute....yeah.. i know all about that sweet innocent bunny stare....gets me all the time..
  20. cheryl

    Lenny and I say hi!

    Hello from me and Cassidy.. Lenny is his colour..