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  1. FuzzyBunny ph

    My rabbits stopped using their litter boxes...and it's been a year.

    how big is the litterbox? maybe they find it too small? have your ruled out UTI? bunnies that are good with litterboxes then suddenly starts to pee outside the litterbox and in random places is said to be one of the signs of UTI
  2. FuzzyBunny ph

    Is river birch wood safe for bunnies?

    I think I remember seeing some treats made out of birch wood before :) I just can't remember where
  3. FuzzyBunny ph

    E Cuniculi Response to Treatment

    How old is your bunny? I think, apart from panacur, bunny also needs pain meds like metacam. Some vets would also prescribe antibiotics also but I'm not sure if this is needed Panacur is a 30day treatment so it may take a while to see improvements :)
  4. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny's hands

    do you disinfect the area also? not just regular cleaning, has to be deep clean to kill any germs/viruses/mites :)
  5. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny's hands

    ohh sorry, I didn't zoom in on the img but it does look like mites. Might have to go to the vet to be sure. If it is, they should prescribe Revolution(topical medication) or injectable ivermectin :) is he your only bun and only pet in your home? if not, best to get the others treated also. And...
  6. FuzzyBunny ph

    Minimum weight for spaying?

    Not a small female but a small male. He was a holland lop mixed so he's really small, about 1kg-1.1kg when he got neutered. We just got a cbc and blood chem to see if he was fit to get fixed :) For my youngest bun, I asked my vet if she had any other requirements before I can get my lady bun...
  7. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny's hands

    based on the angle, looks like he's just stretching it :) does he do this often?
  8. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny death during neutering.

    so sorry for your loss ='( I dont know much about the anesthesia process but maybe the dosage was off? or not the right anesthesia? I'm not so sure :( I hope this won't discourage you in getting your next adopted bunny fixed in the future <3
  9. FuzzyBunny ph

    are mesh litter boxes good for rabbits?

    Our litterbox has a plastic mesh flooring and and pullout tray. It does make clean up easier. I used to have a litterbox without the mesh flooring at it would make my buns dirty. I know it's ideal to use hay as part of their bedding, but I'm from the Philippines so hay is quite expensive here 😅...
  10. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny nose problems

    Have you had him checked by the vet for this? itchy ears could be something else like mites
  11. FuzzyBunny ph

    Need advice re: litter box issues, dirty bum, and how to bond with new buns

    hmm have you had them checked by your vet to confirm if they are really fixed? Bunnies are quite easy to litter train so I dont think they'll be resistant to it. Some tips I can think of off the top of my head: keep the water bowls and food bowls on the other side of the pen, away from the...
  12. FuzzyBunny ph

    Is my 8-9 year old bunny too old for surgery?

    Try to get some blood work done first (cbc and blood chem) this way, you can see if she's physically fit to go through the surgery :) Is your vet an experienced rabbit savvy vet and has spayed/neutered a lot of rabbits in the past? if so, she'll be fine :) I saw a post before, the bunny was...
  13. FuzzyBunny ph

    Rabbit has bald spot behind his neck

    Any flakes? My lionhead had the same issue a few years ago. No flakes but was losing fur at the back of here head. Vet injected her with ivermectin (twice, two weeks apart) and she was all fur again :) But if your vet has Revolution (for kittens), try to opt that instead. Some pet stores sell...
  14. FuzzyBunny ph

    Educate me about mites!

    if the bunny will always have mites, regardless if s/he has been treated with revolution multiple times, then it means the bunny isn't being taken care of properly. Usually bunnies that live in an unkept enclosure would get mites, or a bunny that has a poor diet. So to avoid this, regularly...
  15. FuzzyBunny ph

    Mite treatment- black skin

    Ohh I didn't know that, thank you! is that safer than the oral ivermectin? or would Revolution still be the safer choice?
  16. FuzzyBunny ph

    Antibiotic Question

    For your first question, I'm sure its okay for you to interact with your bunny even if you're taking some antibiotics. But regarding the clostridium, that I'm not so sure. Though I don't think we can pass something to them, of course, I could be wrong.
  17. FuzzyBunny ph

    Any Tips For At-Home Nail-Trimming?

    this video might help :)
  18. FuzzyBunny ph


    I've heard of that, not sure how effective it is. But from what I know, the food grade one is whats safe for them :)
  19. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny nose problems

    what hay are you giving? some bunnies tend to be allergic to dusty hay, you can try other types of hay that less dusty like orchard or oat. My bun kept sneezing for about a month or two, no colored discharge also. Went through two types of antibiotics, a culture, and some nebulizing. The...
  20. FuzzyBunny ph

    Bunny nose problems

    does your bun have any nasal discharge? If there's colored discharged, there could be an infection and will need antibiotics