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    Pair bunnies need a new home Massachusetts

    Just checking in on these cuties. Did you find them a home yet? Where are you in MA?
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    GI Stasis Question

    Thanks to all for your input! I've had been researching and reading ... and monitoring my treats. By "limited" treats I meant that I only give one kind a day -- a few bites of apple, a little banana, a few raisins. But, over the holidays, I realized that my daughters are treating the buns...
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    Hello there

    I just have the two mini satins, and they are sisters. I am new to bunnies, and when I was researching I was less interested in the appearance/color/etc. of the bunnies than in getting bunnies that could be socialized. The breeder I used is very hands on and I got them at a time of year when I...
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    Hello there

    Question related to OP's -- I had a similar issue when I was trying to decide what kind/age of rabbits to get. I ended up getting babies (mini satins) from a breeder so I could hand-raise them. So far (6 months), they are are super friendly and personable. One likes cuddles and will sit for...
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    My bunnies :(

    So sorry for your loss -- what a terrible, tragic situation! I don't have enough information to help diagnose the problem, but please let us know if you figure out what happened so that we can all learn.
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    Rabbit spay? Told by vet she cannot eat before they surgery??

    I agree with the other posters -- rabbits can eat before surgery and my two girls had a big breakfast before they were spayed (and then came home and had a big dinner!). Good luck to you and your girl in this time. It is certainly odd to see them shaved and walking (like a cat) instead of...
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    GI Stasis Question

    New bunny mom to two 6 month-old mini satins (one chocolate, one frost pearl). I got them where they were 7-8 weeks. In that time, both have had instances of GI stasis. I spend lots of time with them each day and noticed right away when they sat in the meatloaf position and refused raisins...
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    How to plan euth for bondmate

    My heart is sad for you and Delilah. Animals have relationships, there is no doubt. Good for your for recognizing that need in your bunnies.
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    Alfalfa based diet for young rabbit - when to switch?

    I have 6-month old girls and started switching over from alfalfa to timothy/orchard hay at about 4 months. One bun will eat any hay, the other has been more stubborn and would prefer just to have alfalfa. I have noticed a significant improvement in urine smell/color since switching.
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    New bunny momma

    My daughters and I adopted bunnies this summer and we are totally in love! We have two mini satin sisters -- one chocolate and one pearl. The chocolate is outgoing and slim, will quickly present for pats and snuggles. The pearl is friendly and chubby, will give lots and lots of kisses but...
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    How to plan euth for bondmate

    I'm a new bunny mom and have no idea what is best for your buns .... but I just wanted to say that I am sorry you are going through this and will be thinking of you, Lahi and Delilah xoxoxox