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  1. geekgirl101

    Breaking my heart, dead rabbit :(

    Kick just died tonight. I'm mortified. I'm suspecting poisoning as we usually just open the shed door to let them out, fill their pellets, replace the water and hay, and leave them to run around the garden until bedtime when they're usually already waiting for us to lock them back in. I...
  2. geekgirl101

    Breaking my heart, dead rabbit :(

    Our lovable rabbit Archie just passed away and I've been crying buckets for 2 hours. He was happily scoffing his pellets and then when next checked on him he was curled up dead by the entrance to the bunny shed. I noticed last night when I went to pet him his fur felt matted like a damp old...
  3. geekgirl101

    Help my rabbit ate some chocolate

    Since rabbits cannot vomit vets would sometimes give rabbits a shot that makes them poop more to try to pass the chocolate out of their system. Since it's a small amount it may be ok but I would suggest feeding more hay and veggies to help it pass through quicker, probably some wet foods like...
  4. geekgirl101

    Female mounting male's face

    Both bunnies were neutered about 4 years ago and they bonded quite well to begin with, however they could never be any more different. Kick(f) has been more dominant than Archie(m) over who gets fed first. She snatches treats and races off with them whilst he often waits for a new treat and...
  5. geekgirl101

    Do you Kiss your rabbits?

    When I get the chance I give them smoochies whilst rubbing their cheeks. When they were indoor bunnies and spent their time upstairs I'd peek my face between the railings and when they got close I'd kiss them on their noses.
  6. geekgirl101

    Rabbit doesn't like being picked up

    Well, I may never get to pick up and cuddle my bunnies, but thankfully I won't have to worry too much about examining them or anything like teeth/nail trimming. One half of their pen is on concrete paving stones and the other half is on grass, and they have plenty of wood toys to nibble on, so...
  7. geekgirl101

    How much should i be feeding him?

    A recommended amount is 25 grams per 1 kilo rabbit weight in pellets, and as much hay as he can eat. Try to rotate the parsley with something else because it's high in calcium, so say one day give him a handful of parsley, next day give him a handful of beet greens instead. If you can add in...
  8. geekgirl101

    Rabbit doesn't like being picked up

    I wish that I could pick up Kick to check for any issues with her. Archie isn't so bad, but Kick battles ferociously to get out of a grip. No matter how much I try to keep her feet from going all over the place she'll force herself out of my grip leaving me covered with painful and deep...
  9. geekgirl101

    Classic Christmas present situation gone horribly wrong... Ready to give up... Help?

    Kick has always been a bit on the grumpy and selfish side from time to time. She's learned not to misbehave in my presence but once my back is turned she'll do what she wants when she wants. Where there's treats around she'll snatch and run with them, not allowing Archie to share any. She...
  10. geekgirl101

    British Wild Plants and Flowers

    As part of a new project I've begun creating a wiki at One of the main pages I'm working on at the moment is about wild plants found in Britain and which ones are rabbit safe, so most of the wiki is empty and it looks a bit boring at the moment. It's taking a lot...
  11. geekgirl101

    Wild flowers

    ok a bit of a warning here if anyone goes by my saying that Mayweed is perfectly safe, I just discovered that the name Mayweed is often used to cover 2 genres of plants and 2 species including Corn Chamomile and Stinking Chamomile. I've been doing some research into the various types and so far...
  12. geekgirl101

    Wild flowers

    Better late than never, but from what I've read the Corn Chamomile is from the same genus as Stinking Chamomile, which is toxic to most domesticated animals. Corncockles and Poppies are also toxic. Mayweed is perfectly safe. I don't know about the other plants, but if that's a misspelling of...
  13. geekgirl101

    New home, new weeds

    Hmm, well I did some further research about this plant and it seems it's perfectly safe for human consumption and can be eaten in extremely large amounts, so I guess it's probably ok for rabbits too. Still I'd like to grow more of it if possible before I begin feeding it to the fluffy foragers...
  14. geekgirl101

    Things that only a rabbit owner could love...

    You cautiously look around as you go to the room where the bird seed is stored, quickly dash in and out to feed the bird, later you can't find any sign of rabbit anywhere and wonder if it's hiding in some cool corner. Hours later you get the suspicion it might've snuck into the bird room...
  15. geekgirl101

    New home, new weeds

    I need help with identifying if some of the weeds around my house are rabbit safe. So far I've identified Bittercress, Groundsel, and Cleavers as rabbit safe, but I've come across one called Thale Cress and I can't find anything on the web that says if it's safe or dangerous. It is also known...
  16. geekgirl101

    Food obsession

    Archie's picked up the same tricks as Kick for want of food. They're jumping into the recycling bags eating packaging that's had food in it, they chew through every bag and box they see in hopes there's food in it. They follow me into the kitchen at full pelt, pushing each other out of the way...
  17. geekgirl101

    Lots of sneezing and a wet cold nose

    Kick suddenly started sneezing like crazy, she sneezed rapidly about 7 times in a row and then started to rub her nose. She nose bumped me yesterday too and her nose felt wet and cold, I thought it was because she just had a drink. Could this be signs of the snuffles?
  18. geekgirl101

    The troublesome twosome

    Archie certainly puts on the cute look. The best is when he flops on his side then rolls onto his back and starts grooming himself, it looks so adorable! We've decided to put a baby gate on the entrance to the living room. They're owning so much of the house now that they're being disobedient...
  19. geekgirl101

    Nature First treat buttons for rabbits?

    I won an ebay deal recently on some Nature First willow sticks and rabbit treats. I was a bit skeptical at the looks of the bags of treats that they were for rabbits, and even more so when they arrived. They don't say exactly what is in them, aside from that they contain wheat flour and eggs...
  20. geekgirl101

    Things that only a rabbit owner could love...

    You finish spring cleaning and hoovering up, to turn around and see 2 bunnies behind you bathing themselves and they get up and run to their hutch, leaving a pile of a dozen poops where they were and scattering hay all over the floor.