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  1. JimJam

    Age to determine sex of young kits

    Yes! I breed Flemish Giant crosses as well as purebred and the crosses vary - some individuals show more Flemish genes then others. I reckon this is definitely the case in your litter.
  2. JimJam

    Age to determine sex of young kits

    I can sex my kits 100% at three weeks old, but I usually confirm the sexes at week 4 and I've never got it wrong :D they are super adorable @Orrin
  3. JimJam

    Back to back molts?!

    I would say there's no danger in your rabbit molting again so quickly after the last molt. My male bun molts all the time, just make sure they have plenty of food to replenish on as molting takes a lot of energy out of rabbits :rolleyes:
  4. JimJam

    Rabbits humping?

    do you have any wild rabbits visiting your property or the presence of females? This sets boys off like crazy and I've been in this situation with two males which were best friends and then had this behaviour due to the presence of other rabbits and so I moved them away from being able to come...
  5. JimJam

    Is my rabbit pregnant?

    wow my question would be why did you have her with a male in the first place if you didn't want her to get pregnant as rabbits are AMAZING at breeding breeding breeding! She sure looks pregnant to me, some rabbits only make a nest 3 days before giving birth then full it up with fluff right...
  6. JimJam

    Bunny care during vacation?

    I have been away from my boy (Flemish Giant) for three weeks before, and yes he was a little depressed for the whole time but he made it through OK. Just make sure your bunny has a huge cage to run around in and play, give him toys that will keep him entertained and ask if the neighbours can pet...
  7. JimJam

    Ear tattooing

    If you are going to get your bunny tattooed, it should be absolutely fine :D
  8. JimJam

    Peanut or runt?

    OMGOODNESS yeeeeeeeeees I think you are right, as the ears are TINY!!!!!! How old are they in the pictures?
  9. JimJam

    She was just fine an hour ago;;; HELP I NEED TO ACT FAST!!

    I have a question: is one of your bunnies desexed/neutered???
  10. JimJam

    Peanut or runt?

    I would say he's a runt, as long as hes getting milk and staying nice and round, you don't need to be too concerned. I have a runt in my litter of 11, and at first I thought he was a peanut but he got plenty of milk - he's just half the size of the rest. Keep a good eye on him though. How old...
  11. JimJam

    Tips for allowing Mom access to babies.

    yes same! My doe has 11 4 week old bunnies, and she loves to get away from them!
  12. JimJam

    Cashmere MiniLop Breeding Question

    In my opinion, I think you will get mostly solid whites, or a mixture of both White and Chestnut solid colored bunnies :D
  13. JimJam

    I’m a mumma!

    naaaaw why did you have to give cookie away @Cookiemonster?
  14. JimJam

    I’m a mumma!

    This is my second litter and look at my babies! I’ve got 11! They are three weeks old now, jumping around and so annoying! I never get a moment to have a rest without one of them nudging me to give kisses. Aren’t they beautiful? - Missy :)
  15. JimJam

    Does Desexing Help With Spraying

    I hold say that if you deserved him before 6 months (maturity age) then he wouldn’t spray as he doesn’t have those hormones which cause males to do this. Also, if you have the virus continually around then I would definitely get him vaccinated yearly :)
  16. JimJam

    What colours would be best to bread my doe with? (pic down)

    (the male bunny on my avatar pic is vienna, but when I breed him with a solid female, only solid offspring are produced, just to give you an idea. It's hard to know whether the females genes are dominant or the males until you have bred them together at least once:))
  17. JimJam

    What colours would be best to bread my doe with? (pic down)

    If you want solid coloured offspring then yes definitely use a solid coloured mini lop male. colour of male doesn't matter too much unless you want a certain colour. If you can, see whether the males parents are solid or broken as this will give you a good idea to whether he has that gene or...
  18. JimJam

    3rd litter and there's still a problem

    oh my goodness it lived for that long!!!? If it were one of my kits, I would've euthanized it after a couple of days as that could not have been nice for the bunny... poor thing. I have a kit in my litter of 12 which might need to be euthanized as it is very weak and not getting milk... I love...
  19. JimJam

    Help! Pregnant rabbit

    Flemish Giant (dad) crossed with 1/2 Minilop 1/2 Flemish Giant (mum) *note: I live in New Zealand so Flemmies here are a lot smaller then Continental Giants... update: I had a look and seems like one kit is super skinny and not moving a lot, will check this afternoon otherwise should I put it...