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  1. Laura stone

    Free roam but don’t really leave hutch and play area?

    They have been living in the area for about a year now but had to share it with another couple who they were very territorial with. Since that couple have been rehomed they barely come out of their hutch and play/bedroom area at all! The last pic of them outside the hutch is actually so rare...
  2. Laura stone

    Free roam but don’t really leave hutch and play area?

    My two bonded buns are recently free roam after we rehomed another couple who they did not get along with. Now they have a 2 floors double hutch and a big play area with toys, unlimited hay, beds etc etc and as there is no more fighting etc we leave the hutch open all day and night. Our hutch is...
  3. Laura stone

    Peeing in certain corners

    I would do anything to bond my boys but it’s attack on sight! We have tried absolutely everything. We haven’t even attempted the girls! I’ll look more into it thank you
  4. Laura stone

    Peeing in certain corners

    Honestly I wish it were possible to have them as a bonded quad. Would make my life so much easier!
  5. Laura stone

    Peeing in certain corners

    Nearly a year ago as soon as we could get them done!
  6. Laura stone

    Peeing in certain corners

    I have two pairs of bonded males and females. The boys hate each other so we have to let each pair out to play separately. Whenever I let each pair out they pee outside each other’s doors. How can I get them to stop this I’m guessing it’s territorial.. All bunnies have been ‘fixed’ and all are...
  7. Laura stone

    2 happy pairs

    I try brush them all a few times a week and give them strokes daily! I adore them and wish I could stay at home with them all day. Thanks for the reassurance :)
  8. Laura stone

    2 happy pairs

    hi everyone I have two happy male female neutered/spayed pairs They each have their own area and play time in their large carpeted pen that they share, i am quite a busy person but I feed them morning and night and try clean them out 3 times a week. Sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting them. I...
  9. Laura stone

    Dominant male hates his daddy!

    My 1 year old neutered Male Lionhead/lop mix Clive bangs his feet loudly and runs off whenever my partner steps into his pen or even opens his hutch! However he has only just started doing it and is absolutely fine with me. My partner is the one who did all the bonding work recently between him...
  10. Laura stone

    Bunny bonding links

    hi guys, I read on an old post here that one of the members/admin has written a great bunny bonding guide. Can you help me find the link please? Many thanks
  11. Laura stone

    Abused Classroom Rabbit

    This thread has had me in tears I really hope that poor bunny is rescued soon. Keep us updated
  12. Laura stone

    3rd wheel... lonely?

    They are all fixed, the boys about 5 months ago and the girl she is a lot older so I’m guessing about 4 Years ago. The boys do not get along at all so I’m not going to risk upsetting the bond between Lionel and Lisa by trying to bring Clive into the mix especially as he tried to kill Lionel s...
  13. Laura stone

    3rd wheel... lonely?

    So, I have two bonded buns Lionel and Lisa and a single Male called Clive. We got Lionel and Clive together before we knew much about rabbits (yes I know) and after an initial baby bond and some horrendous fights they have been living apart. Lionel and Lisa are happily bonded and live together...
  14. Laura stone

    Double maned Lionhead Male/8 mnths/fixed - LONDON uk

    hi everyone, I am considering rehoming my beautiful double maned black Lionhead Rufus. I have 5 buns, and Rufus has broken away from the bonded trio we had. I suspect it was just a false ‘baby’ bond. Anyway we had him fixed and months later he is still living alone and showing signs of...
  15. Laura stone

    House rabbit to outdoor rabbit transition

    hey everybun, I have 5 rabbits. A bonded male and female pair and 3 single boys. Who do not get along. We made the mistake of thinking a baby bond was a real bond and have ended up with 3 boys living alone and having to try and give them equal free roaming time which you can imagine is a...
  16. Laura stone

    Is humping bad???

    My bonded pair hump Each other all the time (female doing most of the humping) especially when it’s dinner time! And they are both fixed
  17. Laura stone

    How much does a vet visit & spay/neuter cost for a Rabbit?

    I’m from the uk and live in London and to get your bunnies fixed is no more than £50.00 (about $65 usd ) I can’t believe how much more expensive it is is the US!
  18. Laura stone

    Bonded pair fighting when they see another rabbit

    hi there, so I have 5 indoor bunnies. 3 single boys all under 1 years old And a bonded male/female pair. I have to let my single boys out one by one to play and whenever my bonded pair see Winston they start chasing each other round their pen and almost like they are about to fight. Whenever...
  19. Laura stone

    Happy in their hutches?

    We have a garden but the thought of foxes finding their way to the rabbits terrifies me. Ive heard too many horror stories about foxes where I live (city of London) to even consider it. It’s such a shame.
  20. Laura stone

    Happy in their hutches?

    And my home Is super quiet and peaceful, everyone who lives here is under strict instruction no sudden loud noises or movements around the bunnies so I don’t think they are scared x